God’s Don’t Bleed – Audio Commentary

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This just me, dillongoo, giving some insight into how the video was made. Software: Blender 3D Sony Vegas MS Paint How to get Blender: http://www.blender.org…


marwacutecute says:

yes, … he’s um…. a Fighter God? i believe?

lilmanski0818 says:

@Rodney Block, @

ArdansDzn says:

no hes a glitch

Ybotomy101 says:

its saying every mob thinks hes a god, but since hes bled he is not a god for he is mortal

Rodney Block says:

Is herobrine a god of all mobs

HeyWelcomeToMyWorld says:

The fact that Herobrine is bleeding states that he’s a NOT a god.

gamervideos1000 says:

The whole point of the thing was that the zombie’s and skeletons and spiders and endermen proved that herobrine wasn’t a god… just really baddass

Morucko Uchiha says:

when herobrine threw the sword and then the ender pearl it was like minatos flying thunder god technique. 😀

EeveeSamurai says:

Because it symbolizes he isn’t god…that’s kinda the point of the animation.

Mark Lolss says:

A prove on that he isn’t a god…?..

Mark Lolss says:

A prove on that he isn’t a god…?..

Xarathornster says:

That’s the point.

jackguo380 says:

Herobrine isnt a god, the video is about the mobs who obey herobrine turning on him because they believe he isnt a god. The quote at the start of the video is very well chosen. Blasphemy means disrespect towards god and sacred things. And in the quote it says that essentially by disrespecting god (In minecraft is probably Notch), one seems to become him.

David Wisti says:

Cool dillongootoo

iCreptGaming says:

i don’t preplan either!

Victor Leng says:


ArtProdSt says:

in this video you’re just making your awesome video less awesome

ArtProdSt says:

to prove no one it’s a god. I prove that even though the fight scene it’s awesome, he it’s not a god.

jweinrub says:

Gret work dude!

TheStealthGamerHD says:

is herobrine really a god?

killertank1238 says:

i hate it when he pauses it

optimussentinel66 says:

…That’s the point.

EyreBlueCinema says:

Because it is a play on word scheme…

DiamondsPlayMc10 says:

Hey maybe HE IS NOT A GOD…

Joshua Anderson says:

simple he’s not god

MrKitkatWaffle says:

That’s the point. In this video, Dillon shows that because Herobrine bled, and gods don’t bleed, Herobrine isn’t a god.

Echo Jewel says:

Ok I knew It was Final Fantasy but not XIII for the movement or attacks but for the scenery or poses

JBAgamestar says:

Because Herobrine isn’t a god.

TheTommy10200 says:

You do know how long that would take right? Just a movie may take around a year,perhaps two maybe…

cookiemaster3652 says:

Jesus was the one that bled on the cross not God. But if you call the son of God a God then I guess your right

Ronald Matteson says:

Well our god today he bleeded when he was hanged in the cross

Jay Arneson says:

cause it was saying that everyone thinks or assume that herobrine is god he can nevr die but if he bled it ment that he can die its just really Hard to do so

atomicwalker66 says:

Herobrine bleeding shows that he is not a god that he’s just in an act of blasphemy

matt dodson says:

if gods dont bleed why was he bleeding at the end

Jace Eckleberry says:

Maybe that one arrow split in 2

TheAssassinOfAwesome says:


Heather Titus says:


Heather Titus says:


LichcraftThings says:

It’s the revelation to Herobrine not really being a god.

TheAssassinOfAwesome says:

Because they’re trying to say Herobrine isn’t a god.

bigcman120 says:

The phrase “Gods don’t bleed” is to ward off false gods.
Most people see Herobrine as the absolute evil and a demon. The enemy mobs see him as a god. This is them challenging him to see if he’s real. He beat them up and shows his strength, but he’s no god. He’s not a god because gods dont bleed.

paul mallner says:

I have 1 request PLS Make more animations !!!!

1slooper1 says:

Its a phrase… or atleast so

Michael Lewis says:

hey Dillon look at the scene when he just hit the chair the enderman had lag going on there with his arm and the teleport

Creeperman435 says:

3:15 backwards arrow.

joseph porterfield says:

Some people pronounce it different because of there countries or back-rounds

ShiveringDash says:

Its saying that he’s not a god

Andrew Joyner says:

no hes just a man that the squids took over and can be killed

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