Increase Creativity with Alpha and Theta Brain Waves

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The perfect way to tap the creative spirit is to make sure your mind gets there first – this 30 minute soundtrack entrains your brain into the alpha and thet…


leon gorman says:

Exactly what I was thinking ­čÖé Like ‘fucking eh”´╗┐ in a good way.

Neueregel says:


The Brain Garage says:

Um,´╗┐ does that mean good?

Sam Sammy says:

shit´╗┐ stuff!

The Brain Garage says:

Cool, you enjoyed it. I have been listening to the same alpha wave track for 15 years, one that was produced by my mentor who introduced me to´╗┐ this technology.

The Brain Garage says:

Jewel, we made thi sat a website called colormandaladotcom, then´╗┐ put the finished product through a couple photoshop elements filters.

Jewel Marsh says:

Do you happen to have a title´╗┐ or link to the image in the video?

Dano Pierce says:

I love vids like this, thanks. Can’t wait´╗┐ to go back to it and try drawing or writing.

The Brain Garage says:


The Brain Garage says:

You’re´╗┐ welcome!

jesusprovides says:

Awesome vie. Thank´╗┐ you

Linda Harden says:

Thank you ~ very soothing!´╗┐

The Brain Garage says:

Thanks Allen, I think I made this´╗┐ on Mixcraft 6.

Allen Caraway says:

Very´╗┐ soothing, and great background music. LOVE this. ­čÖé

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