Rainbow Relaxation for Higher Consciousness

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Elevate your consciousness and Higher Awareness, by focusing on each area of your body and it’s corresponding color in the Chakra System. Victoria guides you…


manyhumbles says:


Jen Eyring says:

Do you sell any of your CDs or downloads with this rainbow relaxation?

jakenjoelskate says:


kennykenkenz says:

Good stuff! I’m using this twice a day to prepare myself for labour. Thank you!


Beautiful. Thank you! My third eye opened during indigo and stayed open for quite some time afterward. I will definitely use this meditation weekly, if not daily. Thank you for making it available!

guapagirl009 says:

Oh my, right after this finished I had an intense automatic writing experience from one of my spirit guides. It was like tuning a radio station to a really clear channel, thank you for this!

neonunicornpoop says:

man, just let the pretty colors work their magic, u dont seem that relaxed

Solarfactor says:

I feel so relaxed now. Didn’t want it to end.

maria12491 says:

Hi, my name is Maria & I love listening to your light hypnosis sessions on YouTube to fall asleep at night. I’ve already bought a CD of yours & I suggest it to all my friends. 🙂 Thank u so much for posting these sessions. I only wish u posted more plz. 🙂

neonunicornpoop says:

whoa, i could almost feel stuff filling me. but when she said in my fingers i couldnt help but think of e.t.

brandshatch09 says:

another fine piece of work. i have been wanting to see what you would do after your candle induction.

keep up the good work!

hyptalk says:

I will be working on one soon. Thanks!

hyptalk says:

Thank you :)

hyptalk says:

It’s not a chakra meditation … It’s simply a “rainbow relaxation” It’s not the same as what you are thinking. Not be be agreed or disagreed with. It just is. It’s interested how SET we become that this means this and that means that. It’s good to be open to other ideas. Don’t you think.

RicochetRabbit101 says:

This was nice… really nice. Thank you I would of posted sooner but I was too relaxed to bother.

lamoaloca says:

great video it really made my head tingle. =D

i would really like it if you made another hypnosis video like the earlier video titled “short hypnosis session”

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