Can God Trust You? Sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes

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A Message for those struggling with the Conflict of Knowing God’s Favor is over your life, but living in Circumstances that contradict that REVEALATION!! Tha…


growinginmyspirit says:

“Tears”…this… Was really for me !! I’m gonna get this done… Why cause I have favor!!!!!!!:-)

Breeny Lee says:

Great sermon

twotyht says:

Blessed beyond measures God spoke to my soul with this message I’m so thankful for trials and tribulations b/c if I wasn’t going through what I’m going through then I would still be blind but b/c of my trials I can see thank you Jesus! S/n why the baby punched the man in his face at 49:58 LOL

04yahushua01blood04 says:

OD has URGENT message for you!! Go to Wellaware1dotcom. EXPOSED famous army of actors FOOLING entire WORLD using MAKEUP-ILLUSION. Satan’s playground is HOLLYWOOD.Demonic angels. SEED of CAIN. Obama,J.Osteen, B.Walters,Biden,Cosby,MJ, Alex Jones,POPE,Clintons,TD Jakes,Copeland,Cruise, ­­­­Ron Paul,Cowell,Clooney,P­­­itt,W­­­­ill Smith,HINN, President Carter is JFK. All Reptilian Shapeshifters & Clones. As in days of Noah. SEEK,PRAY,PREPARE. YOU Are LOVED!

Melissa Ortiz says:

Praise be ro God! What a word! Thank you bishop for allowing the Almighty use you as such a powerful vessel. Many things I didn’t understand about my life, my family and my future before this message. And now? Whoooo Jesus! So much clarity!
May the Lord continue to bless you and your family abundantly. Amen!

ruthadlakha says:

God , you are my God ! I will praise you

dasilver2000 says:

Thank you Lord for this message, I will ride it out. I’ve heard you!

MyLadyMo says:

This touched my heart…thank you Jesus and bishop

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