Ken Wilber – Spirituality and the 3 Strands of Deep Science

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The three strands of deep science—injunction, apprehension, confirmation—give us a reliable methodology for learning about both the world without and the wor…


alucinare says:

The experience of ‘God’ is not the same as the word ‘God’. So yes, one could substitute the word ‘God’ with any other word. It doesn’t mean ‘they exist’, simply the are pointing to a particular experience. It’s a sort of hashtag for experience, but you wouldn’t mistake it for a novel which the experience actually is.

God just happens to be a word the particular experience of incomprehensible and unspeakable mystery has been known as through-out our cultural history.

ObaniGemini1 says:

Maybe it is telling us something about the very essence of existence… How do you define “real”?…

LordShivasServant says:

You might find the works of Carl Gustav Jung interesting, because he’s more or less concerned with the same dynamics when it comes to spiritual understanding. He wasn’t JUST one of the fathers of Psychoanalysis 😀

PlayHanghang says:

The Emperor Has No Clothes is a meditation on the difficulties that rest on false paradigms, basis-less initiations, empty illuminations, deluded experiences, and colluded confirmations.

The more difficult question arises as well: How does one ‘verify/falsify’ internal mental/emotional/spiritual experiences and thus extract the ‘meaning’ or ‘applicable paradigm’?

pseudonymuser says:

I love hes lectures

Emmywneilson says:

I have read about half of Wilber’s books. I am half way through Up from Eden which I am loving. I would love for Wilber to discuss the concept of “humility”. (He does in the video about ego but it was, for me, incomplete.) I did learn alot from these videos but I can’t help feel like there is a “Character at Play” Witness gone untethered He is so smart and loves to spin that smartness in a field that has no grounding (not like any field does). Much gratitude for the man, I have to say..

jhgosnell says:

@presentlightoftruth I hope I can ask: What are they up to that worries/concerns you?

smallpotatoes989 says:

I do not get it!

torment3d says:

@presentlightoftruth I think you’ve made a very wide-sweeping generalization with absolutely no evidence at all. It is true that some people will think they’re some kind of elite that hang with him, but I doubt that’s true for all, not even most. Ken wilber doesn’t surround himself with people that worship – that stuff naturally happens when you’re an excellent leader. Can’t but help but feel that your view of his teachings are colored by what you think of him as a person, without having met him

rijkent55 says:

@presentlightoftruth : So are you jealous ?

vaiksnoras73 says:

I would recommend to listen Bertrand Russell’s passages on this matter. It could be found on Youtube: Religion and Science Bertrand Russell

TheIlluminerdi says:

Ever heard of that classic prank where someone labels 2 pigs with paint “1” and “3” and unleashes them into a school? People keep assuming there’s a pig #2 and search for it hysterically.

That’s my opinion of Ken Wilber.

amart2211 says:

@MaBu888 Religion at its core is simply spiritual technology. Its just that for the large part of human history man has misused it, so now religion has become a loaded word. With similar precision technology man can put a vehicle on Mars or a missile through your window. Same with Religion.

trappedsoul7 says:

no worries, man.

PineAppleEx420 says:

Yep, and srry if my sarcasm didnt translate too well over the internet

PineAppleEx420 says:

yep, and btw srry if the sarcasm in my first comment didnt translate well over the internet.

trappedsoul7 says:

well, you’re right…. i don’t exist!

PineAppleEx420 says:

If I cant see, touch, feel, or hear you, then you don’t exist!!

rijkent55 says:

Awesome lecture, and I love the concluding comment at the end – very pertinent !

trappedsoul7 says:

….and your point is?

PineAppleEx420 says:

Atheism is the new black man! Its a huge ego boost because it gives you a reason to think you are smarter than other people. I mean I dont care if Im right or wrong in an argument, Im still smart because I KNOW that what I cant personally experience with my five human senses, theres no way it can possibly exist.

PineAppleEx420 says:

The numbers of people in the emergency hospital i work at who were lucky enough to be brought back from death seems too all be able to confirm their experiences with one another. Of course what do I know right? I don’t have the “injunction” to make any valid judgement on this since I was never the one lying there in cardiac arrest.

theeonionbagel says:

is he drinking a beer lo? thatd be totally cool id have no problem with it

trappedsoul7 says:

absolutely right. most atheists have never really gotten involved with the matter at all. they just neglect mythic worldviews, an do so because they confuse them with spirituality. spirituality, however is transrational – it doesn’t neglect their (the atheists) rational worldviews (evolution, etc).
In most cases their position is superficial at best.

greg vanden berge says:

Great Video

Ross Collins says:

their are certainn way’s you could do it though for example use OBE’s to try and bring back verifiable information.

xknowledgeisfreex says:

Even with Shakespeare everyone can look at the same text and thus objectively confirm what is written there. Everyone is looking at the same text.
That’s the difference.

xknowledgeisfreex says:

The “confirmation” part doesn’t work for spiritual practices in the same way as it works for the objective sciences.
When different persons look through a telescope, they can all see the moons of jupiter, because they look at the same objects and can thus objectively confirm that the moons are there.
With spiritual introspection everyone looks at different object, because everyone looks only at his own mind and there is no way to inspect the mind of someone else to confirm what he sees.

EasyStu007 says:

this makes youtube much more worthier 🙂 greetings from germany!

Jeff Rice says:

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It’s a kind of guide to navigate future human evolution. I’ve described it in my video.

MrCuntyballs2U says:

Thanks you it is obviously beyond you then……go on I dare you not to reply……..that is the only way you might prove to have transcended your ego?

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