Creativity & developing your OWN STYLE

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A talk on creative photograpy and developing your own style. See the monthly competitions at Please check …


TheAnimatedPeter says:

Liking the flickering? LOL Thought I was the only one to notice.

TheAnimatedPeter says:

I’ve been big into night photography and a lot of shots created in pretty dark environments. Painting with light on small scale objects has also been a new interest of mine. I’ve just recently started playing with both, by painting the foreground as the exposure runs to get a skyline shot I want.

To toss things up a bit, I’m actually researching and playing with portrait but with an interest into getting familiar with artistic nudes. I’m just waiting for a willing model or two now.

thany3 says:

I’ve been doing some experiments with focus bracketing. It’s quite wacky, a scene where the foreground and background are in focus, but anything between is not. Or, a crazy big depth of field, but still bokeh in the background. It’s a bit fiddly, and the biggest problem is that you’ll never see any result before going into photoshop…

Just my 2c. Maybe it’s an idea for other people as well.

Brand New Jamz says:


Angelo Grieco says:

Hi Matt, some time ago I went to see a friend performing on this experimental theatre night, I guess it was somewhere very close to the Shadwell studios you had workshops in London… anyway… just by chance I came up with these two shots that turned out to be my favourite from that night.

flickr (photos/angryopium/9206269735)
flickr (photos/angryopium/9206269759)

what do you think about it?

Filip Ksica says:

cause it is only hand-controlled puppet =)

morgand7000 says:

This is excellent! Thank you Matt! You are the only one on you tube (that I know if) that actually discusses important stuff and sometimes stuff that is difficult to just ask some Joe Blow. Thank you for addressing this! I’ve been asking this myself.

Light1c3 says:

I just got my new DLSR and decided to start looking into sports photography. Does that count? I was normally only interested in macro photography, but for some reason I got really into action sports and I decided to pursue that passion.

KingStivan says:

i love your new style !! auto exposure 😛

mandurahchess says:

Go shooting with just one lens. Maybe the “wrong” lens. Better, the one lens is a prime.

Kholio Man says:

I love the bokeh

thatnikonguy says:

have, thanks

thatnikonguy says:

Haha – thanks for your concern but no. I filmed this video 2 weeks ago, it went live by accident – and I have always filmed straight to camera stuff in this crop.

Adrian Daf says:

also post a link in the description that leads the monthly contest flick group (in every video you post ). it’s way easier to access it , for new ppl and also to check the latest posts :). Great video btw

Hung Tran says:

The exposure change is very distracting.

Francesc Genové says:

My favorite “pifia”: making a terminal with no roof in the airport of Bilbao. Bilbao has a very bad weather, it’s very cold there and it rains a LOOTTT! 30 million € cost to fix that “stroke” of genius by Calatrava.

Francesc Genové says:

It would be easier if, for example, Youtube allow URL in the comments.
So, you will have to use Google (or read the Calatrava article on the Wikipedia).
Just search for “pifias Calatrava” and dive into the hundreds of pages (and articles from very trustworthy newspapers that you will find, and the opinions of “very happy” clients.
And no, I don’t hate him. But ask in Valencia, his hometown. The people love him, for the money that he has stolen with the complicity of corrupt politicians. 🙂

E Lowrey says:

You always are very inspiring Matt, thanks for the regular content!!

Brand New Jamz says:


MartynasBacys says:

One of my pro friend said that if you want to make really amazing creative portraits for example, it is advised for you to learn painting. I understand this like creating a desired image of your imagination and trying to achieve it on camera. Well what’s your thought about learning to paint?

Bruce Bachand says:

It would be ‘easier’ to accept your comment if you provided a few examples… otherwise you do come across as a ‘hater’.

BrookLaa says:

You are just a champion in life, really, arencha?

EricRossi25 says:

Are you shooting this on aperture priority, the lighting jumps like crazy

DW Video says:

I normally do just product and automotive work. Though, this past weekend I was fully booked with all portrait shoots (2 families and one fashion show). I found out that I am actually really good at portraits. I just need to figure out how to communicate with the models better…

Smitty Picard says:

Way ahead of you Matt. For the past 2 weeks, I have been very creative and i shared my creativity on the forum. I made my own CONTINUOUS lights set. I called them PICS FLO (KINO FLO). I love the results. I posted 3 shots on my Tumblr page. i wont post a link here, but off my main page, you can find the it. If i have more time and money for the summer, i will build a BEAUTY DISH or as Matt says, my own camera and call it PIKON. For now i am doing careful research. Thanks for reading.

Ringmastaa says:

As a beginner to photography ( 5 months), I’ve noticed that I tend to stumble upon great new ideas by accident. Ill take a picture of just a general landscape and while in post, I’ll see things that I didn’t see when I took the pic at all. Helps me look for those things again next time I’m out shooting.

I also found that if I have an idea for a shoot, Ill let myself stray from my original idea just to see where I end up and normally find myself happy and surprised with new results!

chekavar says:

Is that video camera on auto exposure Matt? Could you try it without it next time please? Not sure if it is just me.. 🙂

gscfan007 says:

Recently I have been attempting to shot interesting photos with as large DOF as possible, it’s proving hard

gscfan007 says:

My favourite lens combo is a Sankor 16c anamorphic 16mm projector lens mounted to a Helios 44 or Pentax SMC. It is very difficult to use and the setup take about half an hour to get the vertical alignment correct. Focusing is done by trail and error as both lenses need to be set together. The resulting image is super wide ~24mm horizontal fov and correct vertical fov but having that 50-60mm compression with over shaped bokeh.

Francesc Genové says:

As Spaniard (still) I have to say that “Spaniard” doesn’t equal to “good architect”.
Calatrava is an excellent example of that point: overpriced buildings that start falling apart, as soon as they’re finished. If not before, they’re finished. 🙁

sasktank says:

thanks Matt..Inspiring ideas to switch things up ..cheer’s

ikemeffects says:

I was thinking of using 2 color changing leds behind some photo umbrellas. The ones that have a remote and you can pick the color. It would give some interesting color to the scene.

Dario Lubrano says:

pleeeease do a video on your 1dx setup , sharpness in camera .Wb, picture style, ect. ect,ect.THANKS

Steven Gore says:

LOL Bruce, creative camera shake

sterf666 says:

that reminds me of a shoot I did a while back, for some commercial shots for a webshop and stuff . It was with 2 friends of mine, always fun. Was working with one, and the otherone was just laying on the ground next to it. In between shots I did some fun shots, just goofing arround. But 1 or 2 of those shots I actually really liked after some simple edit. I now have shoot planned with her to make that same shot, but beter. So yeah, its something I didn’t plan at all, just did en really liked 🙂

bruceME says:

Matt did you say use some toys, I’m going to get my wife’s vibrator and Sellotape it to my camera to see what happens to my shots, you never know it might just work.

alexbezdicek says:

Santiago Calatrava I guess

George Woolf says:

Nice video!

Steven Gore says:


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