Money & Spirituality to the 2012 Golden Age – Dr Pillai

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Close – From Dr PIllai’s website: Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic f…


ThePsychedelicBeach says:

Om Namashivaya is one you could use.

ThePsychedelicBeach says:

His real name was always Dr. Pillai. (Well, “Dr.” isn’t his birth name but you know what I mean.) He’s going by it now instead of “Dattatreya Shiva Baba” because he is teaching things from another perspective than he used to. And I personally think he’s trying to teach guru stuff in a more “modern” way to appeal to more people. He’s gone through many name changes over the years. Pillai is his real name. His first name, I think it’s Baraskan or something like that.

Dances with light says:

(5) V.O.A. — A crescendo of the purest,sweetest most harmonious sound either of us has ever heard passes through us and recedes into the distance. A wave of pure meaning washes through us and settles into our minds like seafoam settling into sand on the beach. Our brains translate into words. Old friend, what did they say to you? To me it was an offer, a request. They said “Give US your question”

Dances with light says:

(4)V.O.A. — sparkle and dance in the golden greeness. Off in the distance a cool evening breeze picks up. You can hear it coming as the chimes begin to dance against each other. It’s coming this way! Thousands of chimes begin to ring and tinkle as a wave of music approaches us. Every chime on every leaf of every branch of every tree sounds it’s pure crystalline note, no two the same yet all in perfect harmony with every other one. And suddenly it’s upon us! (next)

Dances with light says:

(3) V.O.A. — Ahhh—- how sweet and fragrant the air is. See how the sunlight filtering through the leaves and curtains of moss turns everything into golden green magic. If you look closely you can see them glittering. Up there on the branches of the giant oak above us and on all the trees in the forest beyond. Tied with a gossamer thread,on every leaf of every branch of every tree is a single glass chime,each one exquisitly shaped,no two alike. See how they sparkle and dance, (next)

Dances with light says:

(2) V.O.A. — beneath the giant spreading Oaks dripping with spanish moss. The large old one with the veranda that goes all the way around the house.Stolen from the pages of an uptain sinclair novel, it’s been there a hundred years if it’s been there a day. Come, let’s go ’round back, away from the lane and the laughing children.Hear how the ancient worn boards of the veranda creek their welcome.Listen as the old wicker chairs squeel and squeak their welcome as we settle in to them (next)

Dances with light says:

(1) Voice of angels. ( This actually happened one rainy night in Seattle as I was sitting in my taxi waiting for my next dispatch. I’ve changed the set and setting in order to more acurately reflect the tone and qualitative “feel” of the event.) — Wait! Please! I would so love your company. Come,walk with me down Late Summer Lane as I stroll across the old wooden bridge across the Suwannee River in south Georgia. Thats the house there among the magnolias, (next post)

Dances with light says:

You’r still talking about “Voices in my head”. Are you hallucinating or something? I’ve never mentioned any such thing,only you have. This has nothing to do with logic (thank god). Your “God” appears to be Psychoanalysis. Have fun with that. The word “God” as I use it here is an unfortunate device that it seems I must use in my vain attempts to convey even a wisp of original intent via the elctronic print media. The next two posts are a gift to you and the gracious host of this channel.

Dances with light says:

Hmm — I’m reading my post now and I see no mention at all of “Voices in the Head” — perhaps you could use an eye exam. I would use extreme caution and utmost discernment with any “Voices in the Head” as these can be,and are, easily produced using current,on the shelf technology.

Dances with light says:

I recently found myself with $600. I couldn’t decide what to do with it. At the time I really didn’t want anything. I said to God,” Ok God, This money is yours”. I was going to ask what He would like me to do with it but I didn’t get the chance as I instantly received a reply. “No it isn’t” was the reply. Just reporting my experience.

PlanetSoane says:


Sapovne says:

Wow, I am impressed. Very refreshing to hear it all from a slightly different perspective. Thank you

Ahmad Hesam says:

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milenasworld says:

Money will come if you need them in your path <3

ndamus19 says:

Shreembrzee mantra does work! It is a wealth mantra that will generate money for you! It is the bija secret mantra that allows wealth to flow in to your life! Shreembrzee is a mantra that was found by a very powerful saint who meditated for 1500 years to get a mantra. This mantra has changed my life! It is truly a blessing! Shreembrzee, Shreembrzee, Shreembrzee if you want wealth, money, prosperity, happiness and perfection in your life! Brzee, Brzee, Brzee!

Preethi P says:

And to understand the Vedas we need a Guru, but i would definitely look for someone else 🙂

Preethi P says:

And for lesser mortals like us we try to connect with the divine power without giving up on money.. Well even the Vedas recommend that we live a materialistic life n yet Spiritual until 50, n then we give up on everything in search of Salvation. Hindu Dharma has always encouraged vegetarianism and it is bad karma to kill animals for the joy of your tastebuds

Preethi P says:

Dr. Pillai spoke about mantras chanting and Vibrations. Well all this is true. Well we owe all this to the Vedas.. And for your notion that we dont essentially have to disconnect ourselves to be spiritual–Comes from people who find it hard to do so. Common man cant give up on money and only when you are most Spiritually evolved and attain Self Realisation can u give up on the materialistic worldly pleasures.

Ser Red Connington says:

Guru’s like this have their own picture of reality. You don’t have to learn anything from them.
You are your own master.

lettykv says:

So this is interesting, Dr Pillai talks of us shifting from third eye to the crown chakra and not the heart. But overall, we are LOVE and love is to what we will return to, so if we can be love, everything else falls into place.

Gia S says:

Even Buddha said the same thing about the meat eating. Give your body what it craves & if you dont have it then u cant eat it can you? You dont have to starve yourself. But always choose a more natural vegan diet whenever possible till it will always be possible for you. Change happens. ~Peace.

Angela Snow says:

Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate on youtube
10 min speech. this man gave up everything to live a life full of compassion. he walks the talk and does not care to famous. he just wants to truly help humanity. a true noble man.

Angela Snow says:

why is it that every spiritual teacher who claims to be enlightened avoids insisting that people have a vegan diet? This is a huge flag! It shows they do what they can to keep people following them. I would love to just find one teacher who actually walks the talk!

KETHER10 says:

a crazy spoiled wag that seem to circualate round this bullshit,spiritual industry,money seeking gurus

ThePriyatama says:

I love this advice.Very good!

Kirsten Lynn Nuttle says:

This is true.. wealth is what we define as wealth. However, much of our taxes go to war. So how do we make our money? where does our money come from? Where does it go? Where do our taxes go? Things to consider

inkalu444 says:

I’d like to add I have eaten a vegan diet for 12 years now..

inkalu444 says:

Thank you you’ve explained the shift I felt in the head from third eye to the top of the head,wow from there I was aware of the causal plane? What are the other eyes they are in like a row up the forehead? Meditation made this attainable for me 😀

ImpatiensWalleriana says:

I love and respect Dr. Pillai.  He is part of my life.

ulysses vidales says:

i like this guy….AHHH

chiefamylee says:

Great interview!

winlaren23 says:

lol laying down on the beach drinking beer is my way of preparing for 2012.

happydownunder says:

Another blessing from dr Pillai ..

ThePlanetaryCouncil says:


Year 1 N.E. [New Era] is scheduled to start at the end of 2012.

Search for the Official YouTube video:

“THE NEW WORLD MANIFESTO: Starting Year 1 N.E. [New Era] After Dec. 21, 2012”

ndamus19 says:

I believe its the mantra for the Golden Age to turn the body into light! Om Shiva Namah if im not mistaken…but I would check again!!!

ndamus19 says:

S h r e e m B r z ee

biggmoneyme says:

yeh i feel the same way. like i know people need to make money to survive in this world. especially if you’re spreading it through the internet. and it does cost money to rent out buildings and shit. but idk. im split on the issue. it does take money to reach people in this world. im trying to read his vibe, it’s weird- whichs makes me believe hes genuine. if u ever stood with a real master its a weird energy, because it’s not common

biggmoneyme says:

isnt liloumace a reptilian?

Connie Charnell says:

I’ve been chanting Om Shreem Brzee for the past few days and it is working. It has my creative juices flowing!

ndamus19 says:

Although Dr. Pillai charges a tad bit too much for his seminars, he definitely knows what he is talking about! He is from the Tamil siddha tradition. I have personally used Dr.Pillas mantras and seen the results. If you follow his teachings with devotion and discipline you will get results, I promise.

laila linuza says:

this is very helpful,thank you very much!

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