16. The Spiritual Evolution of Bipolar Disorder Part One: Love, Fear & Spirituality

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Bipolar Disorder is a part of the Spiritual Evolution of humanity. Don´t believe me? Watch and learn!


bipolarorwakingup says:

Thank you ND! You get get my book on Amazon.com. The links are provided on my website at bipolarORwakingUP

NobleDrama2010 says:

Thank you sean for being born. Maybe you are the healer you talked about in your video to me thats what you seem like to me anyway! 😀 Thank you for being on this journey with me! I was wondering where I could buy your book?

xristiana sophia says:

I appreciate your videos a lot! I sure do hope that they will help this poor “civilization” to stop labeling and drugging people and start seeing the hidden meaning behind appearances.

bipolarorwakingup says:

Stay grounded, but follow those thoughts! You are on the right track!

Jeslyn Tweedie says:

During my 2 month period of psychosis, I was very convinced of this idea–the evolution of human morality in modern times. I felt like tons of information was being downloaded into my head, and wrote down pages and pages of thoughts on why fundamental morality in humans was currently being embraced and was shaping society. I became very interested in consciousness. Thank you so much for these videos, they are really helping me understand what I went through, in a less crazy, logical way.

LadyNicky007 says:

Thanks for the upload. Now I know I’m on the right track & I love you for that.

LadyNicky007 says:

I was bipolar. A lot of emotional cleansing took place in the last 4 years. In the first few years I was sure that the only way out of that hell was doing away with myself. But something in the back of my mind kept reminding me that this state of confusion was actually a stepping stone to a higher state of mind. I was living like a hermit at the time, still do, but I made a decision to make the best of my situation & took the opportunity to dive head first into those emotions in order to find ME

zitoisawakened says:

nice video. made me understand what I sometimes go through on a different way. are u a fan of Graham Hancock and David Hancocks material?

CodyKo Diak says:

No dude you’re right on. You’re already understanding and identifying with a higher order of existence. One in which, I think, we originate from before we are born. When you take psych you’ll get this: life is the dream content of our awake souls. Life might be how intelligent entities take a break from eternity, just like how sleep and dreaming are our breaks from life, and we learn about ourselves in dreams just like we learn about ourselves in life..idk tho its damn weird.

GreyAutumn says:

Perfect example of a non-sequitur..

bipolarorwakingup says:

Thanks. I like it!

gadionson1 says:

this video is really good! it shows hope and give more strength to those people who are suffering from bipolar disorder.

bipolarorwakingup says:

If you like the videos, you might like my book, “Am I Bipolar or Waking Up?” I just launched the book trailer today – (see my channel)

Jennifer Allen says:

I fuken love your videos. All of them. You have no idea how much this means to me right now.

Milo Benson says:

What do you think about the fact that when coming off meds its most common to go through a depression before experiencing the spiritual mania. and how many people have you helped through these experiences

manypackers says:

i feel like i went through all of those ego deaths and i am only 16 , am i incorrect or am i just on a faster track path , which i had maybe chosen to create for myself previous to this life ?

bipolarorwakingup says:

I think that anyone who cuts their drug use and starts meditaing is on the right track!

Milo Benson says:

Hey Shaun thanks for your videos, I had my first psychosis in 2002 and just six months ago after watching your videos tried getting off my meds and went into a mania which felt entirely spiritual, the deppression which followed was scary but the whole experience has changed my life dramaticly. Im still on meds but am trying to meditate and work towards coming off the meds soon.

PureTeenageIgnorance says:


cantusamator says:

your retarded.

bipolarorwakingup says:

And at 7, we see the value of 1 to 6. The levels are more like gears in a car…you need them all, some are better in some situation than others. But, if you can , you would prefer to be in 7 (or 8, 9, etc.)

Spiritual Health says:

Wow. I had experiences that fluctuated through stages 1-6. Not like a definitive line but a look at all persceptives back and forth through different ages. But 7 I am now learning with full understanding. Thank you.

theroadtothedimault says:

Beautiful, note the beginnings of the circle diagram and how we experience ups and downs as we incorporate new levels…ie) grow and aling ourselves 🙂

Silvertrine says:

Your description of fear will be destructive to people who experience it. We are interconnected beings the more spiritual one becomes the more likely they are to feel fear. One just needs to learn how to walk with fear, to talk with fear without fear consuming them. Fear isnt a good or bad thing it just is. It must be accepted.

bipolarorwakingup says:

Thanks, I think its floating around in all of us.

lupon18 says:

dude how did you learn all of this? the stuff you talk about is stuff that has been floating around in my head for some time, but the way you explain it in detail is truly amazing. keep making videos man, i don’t think you realize how helpful this stuff is to some of us..

infinateregress says:

Untill recently I hadn’t really realised that the genres of perception that had washed over me like soothing waves are what would make me in the catagory of bipolar disorder. I disagree with the term because there are not two specific points which you fluctuate between, and it is certainly not a disorder – it is an attempt to appreciate order spiritually.

PLEASE can you tell me where to get the full quality that appears ten seconds in to this video?

bipolarorwakingup says:

@tubercelli Great to see you so excited!!! I´m at bipolarorwakingup@gmail.com

Jr Annecelli says:

How do I communicate with you directly, not by posting?  I have some information to share with you. Thank you for compiling and sharing all this info a modern format and sharing it with the world!!! You are a part of the solution.

steveduffyraw says:

well said man.

t4ac3y1 says:

This is so amazing, how much sense your video’s make!

MrOrbitum says:

You are a genius!

SingAlexandra says:


sparkle light says:

Thanks for the kind sharing*

maladaca says:

jusy by relating to most subjects in his videos you can almost clearly say you are post modern

mirandabetts1 says:

thanks sian. i’m really enjoying your videos and blogs.

CubistCafe says:

You can be in the present moment and feel fear, because the universe is chaotic and violent.

You can feel love in that, but to create this false dichotomy of fear and love put your right back at the first level.

You can feel fear and love simultaneously, along with many other things.

Athanassios Triantafyllou says:

Keep the mind calm.. Some physical exercises can really help to stay in the middle of the path and still be able to cope with ordinary life as well. This is also very important according to my experience. The aim is not to become superman but a vivid, creative, happy person.

Athanassios Triantafyllou says:

I agree with bwu that most vivid experiences during the ‘journey back to innocence’ to the other stable side, especially the anxious ones are projections of the general fear, mostly symbolised with dragons and horrible beasts in the past symbolism as our friend bwu nicely shows in his videos. At that time it is pretty healthy to stay in touch with people you have the feeling they understand you, make you calm down and go on without going to the wrong direction.

bipolarorwakingup says:

I´ve heard of people havind all kinds of telepathic communications and some have proven to be entirely valid. However, it is also common for people to ‘project’ their own inner feelings about themselves. That means, they have deep feelings inside of themselves that they don’t recognize as their own. Then when the feelings come up, they are recognized as coming from an outside source. If you are ‘receiving’ negative thoughts about yourself, chances are that the source of those messages is you

spaceage614 says:

hey brother great vids. i was wondering if youve heard of any people with a bipolar manic episode having telepathic communication with the NSA national security alliance. when i had my episode i had frequent telepathic conversations with the NSA which is the most advanced agency in the world bigger than the c.i.a and f.b.i. they were pretty evil to me and told me nobody would believe me and that i was a nigger. just wondering if youve heard of any telepathic communication with government agencie

bipolarorwakingup says:

Hey, glad to see you are still watching!
I´ll be making a few new videos which will explain a little more about the details of levels of consciousness…they should help you. My first video on the subject, done last year, may help you too! I think the best way you can elevate your consciousness without going manic is to keep educating yourself.  Go to university, and take subjects that interest you!!! And if you cut your meds, please do it SLOWLY!

MsChrispy says:

This video is so interesting and you explained it really well. But I have a couple questions…
How do I really know what level of conciousness I’m in? It’s a little confusing. Is there a way I can help myself to get to the next level of conciousness besides getting manic? Cause I have a few more weeks of school left before I graduate and I don’t want to mess it up or anything. But once I get out of school I’m quitting my meds again. I’m very determined.

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