15. Solving the Bipolar Disorder Puzzle (Spiritual, Spirituality)

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http://www.bipolarORwakingUP.com Here, I put together all of the main points I have made in all of my theory videos regarding Bipolar Disorder, and then I pr…


Ryan Smith says:

I am just giving my two cents I don’t mean to be disrespectful and I am not trying to insinuate that I am correct. But I have struggled with bipolar off and on for years now and it is my spirituality that has helped me endure through the psychological hell it can put you through, as well as the stress it causes for your family and friends. I have found the appropriate treatment and I am find now, but a cure would be wonderful.

Joey Fischer says:

i have not been classified with bi-polarism but my wife of 10 years struggles with it daily. i used to think it was just a chemical imbalance but thanks to you i understand her more. i’m excited to share these videos with her. i believe she will finally get the help she needs. thank you.

Angela Brown says:

the Police the Judges and the Medical doctors don’t know how to deal with Bi Polar people. Try going to the police for help and getting thrown in jail. In jail with your psychotic voices taunting you.Being trapped in a cell and tortured.

bipolarorwakingup says:

Thank you Sylvie! And nice to hear compliments on my voice! Nobody likes to hear their own voice recorded….even me!

Happyzibou says:

dear Sean, i am so grateful for your existence, your courage to voice out loud the revolutionary realisation that bipolar experiences and spirituality are one. Your videos are beautifully done, and your voice quite hypnotic, in a good way…
Sean, bravo bravo bravo!!! 🙂 never doubt yourself again, your contribution to us all is incredibly useful and sacred
Namaste to you
Sylvie xxx

tom raymond says:

Enlightening, long term benzo use bothers me but maybe thats my trip. love this THANKS MUCH 🙂

juice878 says:

I always knew my mania was something I had to go through, I feel as though the manic episodes are spiritual awakenings and when I’m manic that’s the person I really am but in more settle way of course every time I have an episode my love ones check me back in to the hospital is to the point I don’t know what to do because I know I’m suppose to go thru this, for now I’m playing along taking the meds, I plan to stop I just don’t know how what do you suggest?

marksmallwood42 says:

Excellent !
The more this condition is brought out into the open the more people will understand .
The more people understand The more people will feel confident to tAlk.
The vids are a great help

sant ray says:

from my experience i believe we need to understand our own mind. since there are several ways a mind can function, some even unexpected. i for example, had a period of depression were my mind came up with negative thoughts. i didn’t have control over these negative thoughts although i could block them once i became aware of them. it turns out that my depressive mood was causing my mind to attract negative thoughts. i switched my mood to excitement and happiness and my thoughts followed along.

sarakamila says:

Wow… I got a new year gift from the universe…
I already went trough the complete serie of videos, I learned a lot, I understood a lot.
I am on medication, I think it is ok for me, I will continue with it because I have children then I can not let me enjoy in full this bipolar condition.
I like to live so intensely as little can understand all the highs and downs, even with meds.
Being diagnosticated helped because I could find a reason for being and feel as I do.
Great serie… thanks a lot.

sarakamila says:

Wow… I got a new year gift from the universe…
I already went trough the complete serie of videos, I learned a lot, I understood a lot.
I am on medication, I think it is ok for me, I will continue with it because I have children then I can not let me enjoy in full this bipolar condition.
I like to live so intensely as little can understand all the highs and downs, even with meds.
Being diagnosticated helped because I could find a reason for being and feel as I do.
Great serie… thanks a lot.

Jake Singer says:

Saying the changes that happen to the mind during and following a state of psychosis are “brain damage” is like saying “What have you done with that clay?! It was a perfect cube and you’ve shaped it into a dove! You’ve ruined it!”.
-just my humble opinion

Per Andersen says:

I live quite well on medication. I will keep taking it. I believe the scientists

phillypam says:

Namaste! After a 20 year struggle and coming through it, escaping the Mental Health Care system, I Am grateful to you for getting this info together to help others. Lots of Love and Light,

bipolarorwakingup says:


michael Goose says:

great videos. they line up with what ive leaned myself. keep it up

1130mack says:

Consciousness would be it…….Keep looking

1130mack says:

Good job hitting the Bulleyes,s Buddhist Monks reaching enlightenment,

bipolarorwakingup says:

Hey, Thank you! Good luck on your journey!

steadybein says:

your insight is amazing. i love how i can understand you and how you’re making sure were able to understand you. isn’t it a wild ride? especially when you’re “in it”. i’m still not ENTIRELY over the idea that i’ve met angels and demons, or the numbers 3 and 7, but i don’t think i’ll be saving the world all by myself at this point. lol, progress not perfection.

thingamajiggerism says:

I’m bipolar, but I have a full-time job and a 5-year-old son. Should I take the risk of getting off the medications that have kept me functioning for the past 10 years? I would like to, but I don’t want to lose my job because of another manic episode. What do you think?

Evan Douglass says:

What I got from these videos is that letting go is the best thing you can do to get the full effect of an ego death. I thought at one point I would die, but I came back from the edge, but then I continued to think I would die for 20 min. if I didn’t keep doing something or another. I had had one experience in a dream before then and one after it regarding throwing the devil, who was in my palm, into a black hole. None I went all the way through with. I am a Buddhist now though

bipolarorwakingup says:

Glad you are getting so much out of the videos. What do you mean, not handled correctly?

Evan Douglass says:

I just watched from the first video to this straight through. I’m not sure I’m bi-polar, but I have certainly had a spiritual awakening that I didn’t know how to handle at the time. The videos are fascinating. About 2 hours of videos has passed in what seems like a half hour. I really love all the art you use also, it really adds to the story telling process. Thanks for posting!
You may cover it later, but what do you do if your experience is something you weren’t sure you handled correctly.

bipolarorwakingup says:

Happy that you are getting a lot out of them!

deirdreofthesorrows says:

These videos are very enlightening, Better than being told ‘drugs are for life’ ‘your a liability’ and other text-book therapy terms.

sampoirier says:

Man, everything or almost everything that you’ve described about the Ego break down and all the spiritual enlightment thing, I’ve all experimented this on Magic Mushrooms…keep on workin’ man! I didn’t really know why I was studying in Psychology but to know a lil more about myself and people, but for a week now, I’ve been awaking almost everyday at 3-4-5 am because I’m so motivated! I have a goal now. thank you

TheRobertCullison says:

I have learned in my own episodes that certain memories of experiences I’ve never had came to the surface. And this leads me to believe that if bipolar disorder is a boost to our evolution, that the cause of bipolar disorder is KARMIC. We are in the process of purging and coming to terms with past energies, evntually releasing and moving on. That’s what enlightenment is.

movadoband says:

Keep doing this Sean, education is the only way.

jaeou812 says:

If you admit there is manic depression / bipolar disorder, is it not a mental illness? Is a disorder an illness? Admittedly, I hate labels but at a point it becomes semantics really…Who is normal and who is ill? We all have our set of challenges. If, as a society, we are emotionally evolving and those of us with manic depression can heal from the disorder and be pioneers of new culture, we must realize that healing may necessitate some degree of medicine. Scripts are better than drugs…

eaglebawiaa says:

Hi Sean, Osho is interesting. You can watch it on youtube. His words are founder.

eaglebawiaa says:

Hi Sean, Osho is interesting. You can watch it on youtube.

eaglebawiaa says:


bipolarorwakingup says:

Careful….there is no proof of any chemical imbalance. In fact, the proof is that you are biologically normal. IMO, its the energetic, soul level where the work needs to be done. See videos #20, 21, 22!

jaalul says:

, it seems only logical that if it is a genetic factor, then the bipolar is a chemical, biological imbalance. On the other hand , if it is a spiritual emergency then it is a process of being “chosen” or being spiritually “ripe” for the experience. I must conclude that if this is an experience of “pure divine” coming from “godliness” or the higher consciousness, then it is an event that is directly intertwined with you on a personal level. if not then sadly its mental illness.

bipolarorwakingup says:

Thanks! And more and more I expect it to be a common occurence, like getting a cold. I do think genetics play a factor…we’re just more sensitive than others. But that is a whole other video. Maybe I’ll get there one day.

jaalul says:

These video’s are worth more to me than anything i have ever come across my entire life, for it has given me my sanity and trust of myself back to me.
I just wish that every mainstream psychiatrist, Scientist, politician, Teacher and parent could go through a simple, “light” episode, so we could all be understood and taken seriously. So they could all see the complex/devine reality that we have been presented to.
my only question is, why does it happen to one and not another?

Jr Annecelli says:

OK you got it! I’m in for the ride to create positive changes through awareness, sharing information that helps us understand the shift we are a part of in this reality. I would like to share a helpful tool: humandesignamerica There are youtube videos from Hawaii to watch that help give a basic understanding. Combing that info with your info will help us lead people to spiritual emotional growth in society. Let’s keep on informing.

bipolarorwakingup says:

Nice to see you watching so many and getting so much out of them!

bipolarorwakingup says:

Thank you Bas..

bastifully says:

very well formulated my friend,
would say; live trough your psychosis,
keeping in mind the rules of ‘normal’ society,
be like a wounded healer, give your insights a place, and when come at hand, share it.
thanks bas (i’ll sub you)

Tiahur76 says:

there are some dark forces acting upon men and women, from the elite leaders or better put misleaders, acting on our most primal and basic part of our minds. the war is on our minds. making people into fearful depressed beings. people with gifts of observation like us must do acts of kindness daily to help fight the battle of the collective brain washing of fear.

t4ac3y1 says:

Agreed. I think people are starting to wake up out of the delusion that big pharma and western medicine has “the cure for the mind” (as if thinking differently or seeing the world differently is a bad thing) to sell their products and, quite literally, manage people as if they were cattle. There has been a systematic distruction of the human spirit through a multi-layered form of social control. That is a lie that people are starting to see it for what it is.. finally.

billhuston says:


glenjamin72 says:

Brilliant! I’m Healed ! 🙂 Thank you for making this puzzle come together.

wwwtwcom says:

very great work you doing,
thank you very much for sharing

bipolarorwakingup says:

I´ve heard that some people have good results with TrueHope. I don´t know the product you are talking about.

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