Part 1/2 – Source of consciousness & Ayahuasca – Graham Hancock

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Part 2 with Graham Hancock and Lilou Macé For more information on Graham Hancock’s new novel War God, four chapter…


TheDixiechick12 says:

Great Interview thanks Lilou.Graham is a brilliant man

ddddcheaper says:

I love her……and her accent.

TheGiantRobot says:

In that banned speech, I think the pro-drug talk got him in trouble and the soy slam got it pulled. It wasn’t the consciousness stuff. I’ve seen lots of far out consciousness talk on Ted.

ScholarConsciousness says:

How can you not love the illumination Graham brings to our awareness?  Thank you Mr.Hancock for doing and being who you are. <3

Klaas Klapper says:

Respectable man. Too bad he’s mistaken about the ‘advances’ in our society:
– Women’s Lib wasn’t necessarily a good thing (check interview with Aaron Russo on that)
– We’re still slaves and even the old slavery form still exists, plus that White Slavery is still not covered by mainstream history books, incl. genocide of Whites
– Much of the sexuality choices is actually suggested to people through multiple channels and pollutes Consciousness (take porn for instance…)
– Human rights = joke

Eduardo Antonio Echeverri Peña says:

Thank you for this enlightening interview. No doubt he loves the other side of matters and is open to argument. On the side of Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and the other plants there are now studies being carried in very much prestigious universities that debunk most of the biased information people were fed with, before. Thank you for this.

VoteRonPaul12 says:

Great talk as always Graham, just subscribed to your channel Lilou!

shelleydax says:

absolutely brilliant interview, thankyou both of you for all your efforts to bring new ideas and knowledge to those of us that crave it 🙂

madelena1234 says:

A wonderful man, a great compliment that his and Sheldrake’s talk was removed from TED. It shows that “the powers that be” are starting to get afraid, very afraid!

Kosmos de Kosmopoliet says:

Thanks Graham, for carrying on the torch McKenna carried, along with many others.

Kosmos de Kosmopoliet says:

Thanks once again for doing your work Lilou!
The world’s definitely a lovelier place with you in it!
Your channel has proven to be a wonderfully inspiring tool for the continuous process of enlightenment for me and my beloved.
Bless your Soul!

Kosmos de Kosmopoliet says:

I recommend you read his books 🙂
I surely got a lot from them

Earthangel Light says:

The reason that Graham is having a hard time is so we actually start noticing and listen more to what appears to begoing on. There’s nothing like turbulence in a pool to get attention. This way he reaches a much wider audience. Good on him that he takes no notice of the petty resistance and just keeps speaking out and challenging our minds. Love this <3

Gollumz says:

I couldn’t agree more.

phillyprodigy09 says:

O ok. It’s all about your preference. 🙂

Falstaff Hawkins says:

Graham Hancock i’m proud of u bwoy, keep speaking your truth and raise people’s consciousness/curiosity/courage. Definitely going to buy your book I have a feeling it will be good.

liloumace says:

part 2 is online

liloumace says:

I like it this way! I have other mics but use this one. And as long as i am a one member team to record, it makes it much easier this way to control the sound. No batteries in this mic.

The School of Dan Tian Wellness says:

has everybody seen Science & Sacraments? highly highly recommended! <3

Supatipanno J says:

Plant spirit Shamanism has nothing to do with recreational drugs like Cannabis in your own lounge room. These are NOT Herbal drugs at all. They are unique special plants that contain DMT etc.

Supatipanno J says:

Oh yes I have suggested Lilou go to Peru years ago and visit a reputable retreat to partake in this wonderful plant teacher that has done wonders for me, and still does today. It would increase the public’s respect in her a million fold. Currently she takes a back seat to things which reflects in the absence of certain aspects to her life that eludes her.

Supatipanno J says:

Did you have a bad trip? Did it tell you truths about yourself you couldn’t come to terms with?

Supatipanno J says:

Go onto Grahams web site and subscribe to his hancock-announce Digest where you will get weekly updates from him.

Jefferdaughter says:

BRILLIANT observation, Wolf. At the very least, a bit of circular reasoning. At most, a bunch of nonesens. (A bit like the ‘give me one miracle, the BIg Bang, and I will explain everything else’ view, eh?)

nameRICHARD says:

Graham mentions Rupert Sheldrake who is one of my favourite Biologists – And after seeing both Graham’s and Rupert’s banned ted talks I will be seeking out more of Graham’s work.

nameRICHARD says:

Just wonderful Lilou…Thank you so much for what you do.

healer7713 says:

I LOVE Graham’s work!!!!

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