Nibiru DECODED: The Return of God’s Planet (Part 2)

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Oscalottle says:

If you are in complete darkness for 3 days u go blind or vision impaired

Joseph David says:

I had a experiece 1 month a at church… I was deep in prayer and was taken up into the 2nd heaven. I saw physicaly as clare as i touching this computer .. I was in the clouds ..not spiritual real

Jo Ana Starr says:

I loved these 2 videos!!!! Beautifully, thoughtfully, and logically perfect in my opinion. My only tiny disagreement is with your above comment.

I believe that there is only God; God is all there is. Humans externalize their thoughts and beliefs to create what is referred to as evil. There is only God, and a [ersonal separation from God results in what humans refer to as evil. In union with God, there is only God and Good. Thanks again for those beautiful videos.

Sholla62 says:

just in case anyone wants to know, the earth is already in a huge wobble… (drunkard) , the gravitation of planet X , Nibiru , grabs hold of earth and as soon as our north pole nears planet X, our north pole pushes away, grabs back a hold of the sun’s gravity…. sounds like earth will become part of the Nibiru system and be added to it’s moons… found this very interesting, thank you.

Faith McNulty says:

Very thought provoking,well done thanks :)

ShadowKiller1602 says:

so in those 3 days of night earth will posably b a orphen planet romming the universe until earth finds a nother star to start over at.
PLUS if heaven does get moved Jesus’s second rising would bring us all to heaven and our bodies wold be anbonded until we found a nother star then we ould be let back in our bodies

thewanderandhiscomp says:

Matthew 16:28, 23:36, 24:30-34, Mark 13:26-30, Mark 14:62, Luke 9:27, 21:32 all words of Christ, tho he could not predict exactly when said he was returning within That generation, anyone saying anything else goes against His word, he didnt return in glory and world still here

thewanderandhiscomp says:

Jesus said he would return in glory with angels in the sky within the lifetime of those listening he didnt, sounds like a lie

thewanderandhiscomp says:

Where is nibiru? It jumps around,

egomerego says:

nope. nope, yep, there is. thanks for pretending to know something like about 90% of humanity. Of course time will tell:):):)

Disciple OfYESHUA says:

a new heaven and earth does not happen until after the 1,000 reign of Christ on earth and all go to the lake of fire, this vid sucks, misleading those that don’t know the Word.

amd03288 says:

I would never recommend that anyone get on spaceships with anyone. There’s good but there’s also evil. We need to always ask the Lord to give us discernment.

amd03288 says:

Thanks for the feedback.

Francisco Aguilar says:

I liked great info

Zimba9810 says:

if earth moves out of orbit, everyone will die on earth cuz of massive earthquake probably 10.0 + for every location on earth 24/7

Austraveller333 says:

very interesting, and perhaps even possible? but from what i read and watch elsewhere on the net nibiru is supposed to be coming in aug? There is much more to take place on earth before the “end”.And besides, Yaweh has no need of a spaceship for transportation..does he?…Nibiru as a planet , yes. Gods spaceship, no. Forseen and prophesied in scripture, Yes. when angels turn up in spaceships saying they are from God and we need to “get on board” i would recommend people think twice.

ssparadise says:

We need to talk!

Shelly Marx says:

wow, amazing, great insight!!

thewanderandhiscomp says:

Jesus is the Liar and his Father is the evil, and there is no nibiru

Tobe Dietz says:

Matthew 7:15 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Therefore: He will disguise and pretend what he is not. He will do anything to convert people – Lying and deceiving will be his method of preaching. Does this match Paul…?!

ggzz6862 says:

in actuallity I very much have a God given spirit of discernment…what scares me is not what is to come (according to God’s word,)Rather people who distort and misconstrew what is in the bible….My guess is that you are the one who posted this video or are somehow linked to him. By the language you used in your oeiginal reply…I wonder who’s in the spirit…Or should I say >which spirit is in you



SoReadyToGoHome says:

Excellent video! May God bless you for showing yourself approved, a workman who need not be ashamed, righting dividing the word of truth. Great insight!

Raphael Stoutes says:

Think of it this way all the destruction is for the perfect and wonderful world God promised us

Raphael Stoutes says:

Hear there is a galaxy in coltish an with the Milky Way so he is going to move us to safety

Raphael Stoutes says:

If u haven t

ggzz6862 says:

your not really buying anything this guy is saying are you?….he has absolutely no “grip” on scriptural interpretation!

ggzz6862 says:

talk about taking scripture out of content…and frankly “twisting it” to suit your own vision of God’s plan for our future…don’t bother trying to condesend to me in a reply

Kasey Moss says:

good video, thank you. Looks like someone on here cant believe that spiritual beings have or can fly ships in the air. I find that funny . Considering this person needs to understand the meaning first from all possiablities not just one. In other words not how we view things on this physical plain. If it was me I would fly the ships and save my energy for manifesting other things or needs. Peace and remember LOVE is the KEY!

Jacqueline Wakefield says:

i am beginning to believe it is the elites of this world that are instigating the prophecies of the bible on the people to meet their own ends with no questions asked with HARP etc .

brilaw71 says:

really well put together and other than a couple things that in my opinion are slightly off very informative and for the most part bang on !!!! could soon be very scary times . With all the crazy weather changes and flooding world wide I honestly don’t understand why most people cant see it !! these changes are escalating

aaron clark says:

dude that did the vid….are you 13?

aaron clark says:

exceedingly “shivers” loo

aaron clark says:

god is not riding in on the deathstar lol

aaron clark says:

god is a SPIRITUAL being. come on say it with me SPIRITUAL.

aaron clark says:

we better send word to the Jedi requesting assistance ;>

thewanderandhiscomp says:

Not one of you xians can even agree except the fact you want earth to be destroyed, Paul said stop having sex, you couldnt even do that, none of you are worthy of your blood god and his liar son

thewanderandhiscomp says:

Even jesus didnt know when he was going to return but promised that the people he was talking to eould be around to see it, so there are 2000 year old.middle.easterners.running around

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