Writer’s Block Sucks, Writing Prompts to Boost Creativity by Katie, WriteByNight

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sophia mathes says:


Eva Silvawati says:

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BoostingCreativity says:

Want to have more tips? View my blog: Boosting Your Creativity at blog.createdbydesign.nl

Mark Brunskill says:

Im getting this concept for a story about a guy who sees a girl on the internet and then travels to Austin Texas and stalks her

Mark Brunskill says:

Im trying to concentrate on what shes saying, but shes too cute

cyberpsygen7 says:

i don’t think mushrooms and other “natural” trips are wrong, but i do think the world’s governments make poison to glorify the devil. when you said drugs, i took it to mean chemicals made in a lab, foreign substances our bodies have not been exposed to and should not be.  things like fluoride that lower IQ and make us docile. things like BPA that chemically castrate us. so maybe i misunderstood you some too. that’s why i was thinking the answer is actually less of those drugs.

Tolstoievsky says:

you were talking on a statistical level – that completely went over my head. I have to say i actually agree with you, but i have to mention that there is no harm in the promotionextension of use of mind expanding drugs like tryptamines or dissociatives, ect., that’s all

cyberpsygen7 says:

so are you denying that nearly everyone in the united states is on psychoactive pharmaceuticals, or are you denying their ability to interfere with the creative process?

Karna abeje says:

thanks for this video I write my own stories for my website this is helpful

jameelah86 says:

thank u

Charles Steele says:

Hair up, a bit more sophistication, and better cadence (less valley girl)…youre very pretty and can give the presentation a bit more polish. Not bad!

Tolstoievsky says:


T J Marcott says:

Is it just me, or is Katie a hottie? Writer’s, Jack Hart makes references to a “Blundell Chain” or “Blundell” graph, which is similar to mind-mapping, whereas Roy Peter Clark suggests that writers should jot down various chapter and topoic ideas on index cards; the order can be rearranged to suit the flow of the story, thus changing the style in which the story is told. Thanks!

Guy9998 says:

Drugs don’t help. At least not for me. My attention always becomes swayed and I end up doing something else.

goldenbrenner says:

Kerouac wrote “On the road” while on Benzedrine

cyberpsygen7 says:

i think more creativity is blocked on purpose with psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs than will ever be unlocked by hallucinogenic compounds found naturally occurring on our world.

LisaRenaye says:

Love the afghan…..

robotdevicehuman says:

I think that cat has a novel in him that’s dying to get out but no opposable thumb. What to do? Dictate through purring.

TheREALforeverone says:

Drugs are for pussies

queenfrostine97 says:

that last prompt was a good one

rraassll says:

You can google any grammar website for ESL students (English as Second Language), they usually very simple and easy to practice. Good Luck

HigherPlanes says:

That’s a great suggestion. Thank you.

SGR1000 says:

Good information 🙂 I always find I have too much and don’t have the time to do it all

Joshua Roberts says:

just looking into katie’s lovely eyes cured my writer’s block 

Joshua Roberts says:

short sentences and mastering basic sentence structure.


Thanks for the info.
You are very nice

HigherPlanes says:

Do you have any tips for folks who love to write and are very creative but suck at grammar?

Joe Ochoa says:

Adderall or weed.

bernyqueen says:

thanxs sweety

snorgisborg2 says:


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