How To Deal With Loneliness

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golumpygo says:

I know what’s causing my loneliness. I’m fat, ugly and socially awkward. Most of the time i really don’t care since i keep myself distracted and i’m a loner.. but.. sometimes.. one just wants to be loved, huged and cared for. Why i’m not doing anything about my state? It is endless circle, and one get used to it. It just feels it is not worth the effort. Perhaps i am dead inside. sorry for bad english

Kidadek says:

It wouldn’t be wise to teach this Stoic approach when someone is the victim in an abusive relationship. Their loneliness and feelings of sorrow must be valid. In fact it would be a bad sign if they were no longer feeling those things. I think it would be unwise to promote this Stoic approach as a kind of blanket-cure for feelings of loneliness. Sometimes loneliness indicates a real, valid need for a change of circumstances. We are spiritual as well as physical creatures. Interested in feedback.

Kidadek says:

Hi Noah. I’ve always been very interested in how one can properly balance this ‘stoic’ approach to circumstances which you promote, with fulfilled living. I mean “Stoic” in the philosophic sense – that it is not events that trouble us, but our thoughts about events that do so. Surely you are right in that we should assess our judgments and understand their nature; they might be unwarranted or harmful. But surely there are times when you believe a persons judgment or desire is valid? For ex…

Adrian Pena says:

I usually read a lot of books. it helps me because but its universal in all of us. I would recommend reading and watching movies it’s really therapeutic. I dealt with this I wrote a blog on it helps to vent out like you just did. thats my blog might help!

Rizcha Putri says:

I got a question for you, what if im missing my bf and im trying my best to do something else so that i can possibly forget him for a while. But its so hard to do, it’s like the thought of him keep coming in my mind. When he was around sometimes i feel annoyed by him making fun of me, etc but that was fun. Im so lonely & missing him 🙁 help me out 🙁

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi ungoliant29, those are wonderful questions. Broadly speaking, there are 2 ways of living. 1) Happily and 2) unhappily. When we are unhappy, we go through life looking for things to make us happy. We might think that we want success, wealth, a romantic partner, or ice cream. But, what we really want is to be happy, and we just happen to think that this thing will make us happy. When we are already happy, we do what we feel compelled to do in a moment instead of what we think will make us happy

Noah Elkrief says:

You’re welcome soso4444111!

Noah Elkrief says:

You’re very welcome gunguy500!

Noah Elkrief says:

A hug is always nice :)

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi gorlist187, it is possible for anyone to stop feeling lonely. And this can happen in 1 single moment, if they just stop believing their ideas about how it is bad to be single (alone), and better to be in a relationship. I encourage you to question whether you can know with absolute certainty that “your fate is sealed, or that a person who is lonely for too long will have their life go downhill and die. Good luck

Noah Elkrief says:

You’re welcome polaricemall

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi ticklemebrown52, yes. You don’t need anyone else to do anything for you to be happy. Good luck.

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi Adam, I encourage you to really question and examine whether that statement is true. Good luck.

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi bloodlosswithasmile, thank you for sharing. I’m glad to hear that this video made things more clear for you.

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi Arturo, I’m sorry that my video didn’t solve anything for you. I invite you to watch some of my other videos that sound relevant to your situation. If you still don’t get the relief you are looking for, you are welcome to contact me for a free session. I would be happy to help you.

Noah Elkrief says:

Glad you found it helpful!

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi nostalgiamelancolia1, yes, solitude and loneliness are definitely different. But, solitude (i.e. being alone) doesn’t create loneliness for anyone. It is just that some people think “it is bad to be alone” or “it is best to be in a relationship” and those thoughts/stories create their feeling of loneliness. If being alone created loneliness for some people, then they would feel lonely in every second they were alone. But, clearly, when they do something they enjoy, loneliness disappears.

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi Alec, weed can provide a distraction from the thoughts that create loneliness… which will provide temporary relief. But, when you lose your high, you will also lose your relief. The thoughts that created your loneliness before smoking will come right back when you lose your high.

Noah Elkrief says:

Hi Carandini, your loneliness is created in large part by your belief that “without someone to share it with, fulfillment is hollow and empty”. I can tell you from my own experience, and from the people I work with, that we can be just as fulfilled single as in a relationship. But, I encourage you to ask the question “How can I know for sure that I can’t be fulfilled while single? Are all single people less happy than all people in relationships?” Good luck.

ungoliant29 says:

Then what’s the point of being in relationships? Why have company, if I can be happy all by myself? I feel that you seem to be encouraging people to adjust to whatever is present in their lives. What if I want more time with my partner? Don’t I have the right to desire?

soso4444111 says:

Great……thank you very much…

MrJayspeaks says:

Adam YoU aRe a REal IDIOT

gunguy500 says:

This is great. Thanks  Noah.

gunguy500 says:

I am male, and this is very false..

James V says:

he needs a hug:(

gorlist187 says:

this guy speaks it the truth…however i suppose my solutions to lonliness is to be disassociative to people and accept it…and that my fate is sealed….however it doesnt prevent me from finding more answers and other methods to change….cuz eventually i am 100% certain a person that is lonely for too long…their life goes downhill and they die

polaricemall says:

hey thx i have been feeling a whole in my heart recently and after this i felt much better bc it made me think on why im loanly and notice that thats just my thinking and nothing more so i will see how i feel in a few days thx again

ticklemebrown52 says:

Thank you! I need only to change my thinking pattern & be grateful for my here & now. Be honest with self, remove my judgements of others so that only love remains. Wow how enlightening.

bloodlosswithasmile says:

I have survived 6 suicide attempts, and lost many friends and girlfriends due to my feelings. This video opened my eyes to see I need to change me not the world around me. Thank you for the insight.

bloodlosswithasmile says:

I have survived 6 suicide attempts, and lost many friends and girlfriends. This video opened my eyes to see I need to change me not the world around me. Thank you for the insight.

Adam Jeferson says:


Adam Jeferson says:


arturogonzalez1218 says:

Didn’t solve anyyhing, I’m just gonna jump off the bridge

772chelle says:


nostalgiamelancolia1 says:

Solitude and loneliness might be related,but it’s quite different.loneliness is the state of being sad because one has no friends or companions while solitude is the state of being alone without companions,but you don’t feel sad for the fact you are alone.some people enjoy solitude,others do not,and these are the people who experience loneliness.”I LIVE ALONE,BUT I DON’T FEEL LONELY”

Koby Arriaza says:

Nah I just need a girlfriend

Alec Miller says:

dude if u’r that miserable move to collorado and smoke weed all the time, lol weed is a plant that has so much solutions for us, why do u think its illegal…

Carandini says:

yes, I’m lonely pretty much every second of the day. The old distractions of movies, books, even writing no longer work. This poison has saturated every moment. I’m lonely because I’m single, I’m single because any woman I ever felt a connection to was never interested and I’m not shallow enough to take satisfaction from less. A relationship built on reciprocated love is the only thing that will ‘create happiness’ because without someone to share it with, fulfilment is hollow and empty.

Michael Prehn says:

Accept jesus christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior before its too late

iAppsFind says:

how long did it take to make this. Its incredible

Grand Gen says:

amazing video!

JackedByFUckingDice says:

nice vid. subbed!

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