Gurjieff’s Teachings: Eckhart Tolle and Osho

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From time to time an individual comes along and with an awaking experience and endeavors to communicate what he or she has found. Over 2600 years ago a man c…


Lewis Almeida says:

Thanks for the correction; Lewis

Lewis Almeida says:

Dear Don,
I glad you find value and can appreciate this, which means, that you have a depth and can see to some degree the truth. I suggest that you challenge yourself and read “In Search of the Miraculous.” by Ouspensky..this can be purchased on for 1:00 used..Lewis

Lewis Almeida says:

Franciso, I appreciate your response; however, I’m yet to find in Tolle any real method so we can duplicate his initial so called awaken experience. Being in the now is a by-product of real inner work and study. This is what I know and understand through my 40 plus work of Spinoza and Gurdjieff applied in a work-group environment. There must be a teacher-leader who has been there.
The active mind is the real intelligence and the passive mind is where all the chatter and confusion reside. Lewis

Lewis Almeida says:

I am truly encouraged by all your feed back..Lewis

Lewis Almeida says:

My response to Amir, Yes, that is excellent. So real work is learning how we can access the intelligent mind for clear thinking. Take any problem or challenge and break it down to its specific elements. Make the effort not identify with it and see what ideas you can generate and solve the challenge. Lewis LivingSpinoza

Amir Eghbal says:

Dear sir, I was recently involved in a meditation (which actually did not end up working but I believe that to be for my lack of full involvement), in which a spiritual master described about two parts of human mind, one which leads to clarity and right thinking, and one that leads to confusion, perversion and deception of reality. What he was talking about was perception itself, alittle deeper than thinking. Is this what you are also talking about?

Francisco d'Orey says:

20:40- Eckhart Tolle never said we should dismiss the mind in this sense. What E. Tolle says very clearly is we should not let identification with mind take over- that is the ego. That identification with the thought yes- should be dismissed. He talks all the time about the useful mind and how we should use it rather than being used by it. Most people are caught in compulsive thought which is the cause of most disfunction. E.Tolle is a ver clever and smart man who uses the mind himself

donfreels says:

Very informative. Thank you for posting!

bdjlo2008 says:

Osho was from India. So he would be south asian, not middle eastern.

Lewis Almeida says:

To: oriesep6622…that’s an excellent question, why evaluate other teachers? Well, my questions is “WHY NOT?.” This video are for those who aspire for something real and true, and if you feel a need to awaken. The basic truth of the Buddha is to “Awaken.” So now through LivingSpinoza’s teachings, we have a method to awaken.

Doriesep6622 says:

Why does he have to evaluate other teachers? Saying “my views on Osho” (the cadillace guru) is sooooo unnecessary.

Lewis Almeida says:

Rybysferyczne..thanks for the suggestion..I’ll make the effort to look into it.

rybysferyczne says:

Thank you so much for this upload :))) You look like David Berceli. If you still have problem with the throat I recommend you to try special tibetan exercise called tsa-lung. Bye Bye:)

Lewis Almeida says:

Hello Steven Mort,
I appreciate your posting and you are right that time and space exist in the finite and we truly are a part of that which is finite; however, Spinoza tells us that there is a part of our mind which is clear and true and understands that God is the direct cause and we are consciously united with Him. Then and only then can we participate in His divine love and we too can live eternally.

Steven Mort says:

sweet man,when u say ur 72 wanting to make 150,it showed me ur still living in time,spinoza still in the mind,but nice video and informative.

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