Expansion of Consciousness & Christ Consciousness – Daniel Meurois, Toulouse France

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Graduate of the University des Lettres de Lille, in France, Daniel Meurois is the author of 25 books that have had a worldwide success since 1980. In collabo…


nicki mene says:


Helen Perala says:

Unofrtunately, Lilou needs to ‘tone down’ her own French voice so we can hear her English one, coz the double-speak was quite confusing and hard to hear. Hope she sees this and may be lessens the impact of that…..coz I would love to hear the interview properly.

EvesPotOfGold says:

Mybe someone else could do the voice over. There was a lot of information here and I couldn’t get it at all. Seemed super fascinating and dense!!!

ozdoits says:

SOUND, YES: Dear Lilou, while I also appreciate so much all the work you do to translate for us, I must agree with some commentors that yes, in this one video is challenging to hear you clearly. I really enjoy hearing his natural voice in the background, but maybe if his voice is made ‘more quiet’ and your voice is made ‘more loud’, this would be easier to hear? If it is easy, please try. If not, such is life! And we love you!

Godtaughtmehow says:

Thank you so much for your translation of the important information. I took French in high school…what a joke. I learned a 3 year old level.
Live in love.

Livepoet4u says:

Absolutely Amazing! thank you! I love your work 😉

ycatvon says:

Beautiful interview. Extremely well interpreted as well

Philippe Girard says:

maybe are you TOO sensitiv or just obsessed…
How old are you??

Lee Hinton says:

Or is that TWO distracting …..

Lee Hinton says:

Madame, your wonderful cleavage is just TOO distracting!
What did he say again??????????

hatchetlake1 says:

Hoping to hear just one track or the other. Too distracting with both. Thanks!

JjjessicaLaLa says:

Bonjour Lilou ! Tu crois que tu pourrais poster ce video dans ta chaine lateledelilou ?? Quand c’est possible j aime bien entendre les entrevue sois quand Anglais ou qu’en Francais, jai un peu de difficulté a bien comprendre quand j entend 2 voix. Peut etre ca aidera d autre aussi. Merci énormément Lilou pour tout ce beau travail. Lache pas ! :)xx

plantseeds121 says:

A body is your responsibility , i concur with this guy , why dont most of these guru types go deeper into the self , The body craves to be in the best possile condition , Its difficult to spread the love , when your heart is carring to much luggage ,…..

PrincessAloeVera says:

the audio this way is too distracting for me, sorry. Better if it were just the translation track. don’t need the 2 tracks do you?

Nibiru PlanetX says:

I hope all changes happen soon, and that i get back my ex girlfriend but in a better spirit in positive self respected person and not some inner child that doesn’t realize her true age shes in and to stop the jealousy hangingout out with loserrs that dont care about her, her drinking drugs need to stop and to stop looking at young boyz and flirting there is a demon in her, and i believe im the only one that will love her and help her, but the help will come from 2012

Robert Vaughn says:

Daniel gets it…

skdkskdk says:

I find the french voice too loud, or the english too quick or something. Maybe we should find volunteers that can provide subtitles on the original french audio

Joe Eigo says:

its a feeling i get plus something i have become obsessed about since i was a baby. over time i met many psychics that told me very similar things. when i opened my 3rd eye everything in the universe made crystal clear sense.

RedHerringMedia says:

Oh yeh so it is! Sorry I should’ve listened to it longer to realise the audio’s were actually 2 different languages *facepalm*

liloumace says:

you are welcome. i will keep on bringing them! the special ones!

liloumace says:

YES!!! that’s it! thanks!

liloumace says:

yes this is a voice over as it was recorded in french.

liloumace says:

bien sur. la video à été posté sur la chaine lateledelilou sur youtube et aussi sur le site du meme nom. bisous

2012spirit2012 says:

On ne comprend pas le français ici, mangé par la vois anglaise…..
Un lien pour cette interview d’origine ?

David Redmiles says:

Thank you for working so hard on getting this video out in english Lilou! You are a true lightworker and i hope your conversation with Daniel Meurois-Givaudan helped gratify your own emotion of oneness. Also Thank you Daniel Meuois-Givaudan for your work in dispelling the illusions of duality.

LuciusLevant says:

How do you know? I believe I’m an old soul, dunno the details though…

Joe Eigo says:

I am an Ascended Master


Hi Red, what you hear is the translation to English. In the background you hear the interview in French, and in the foreground, Lilou’s voice translating to English. :))

Jeneration52 says:

the interview was done in their native French and she voice overs the translation for we less than multilingual 🙂

RedHerringMedia says:

Hey Lilou, I’m not sure if it’s just my youtube/pc, but I’m hearing 2 Lilou’s! There seems to be an overlay of audio from another interview… Just a heads up! 🙂

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