Breath awareness

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Breath awareness increases our sensitivity, relaxes mind, helps us become more calm.


loveologism says:

thanks devenroy that’d be a great help
& thanks elholandes i’ll try the hand thing. i guess shifting the awareness, rather than focusing on just the breath all the time, because it’s like your ego knows you are doing that and sabotages your ‘efforts’, if that makes sense.
tyvm *-*

elholandes says:

I always say…you can always become more aware. What else can you do? Right? The more aware you are, the less the mind goes on for ever. BE aware of your hands sometimes and you will find out that they have been moving all the time without you even noticing them. Be aware of the blinking of the eyes too. Great video, my friend!

loveologism says:

Great post! Very helpful indeed. But how can you ignore the ramblings of the mind?! It seems they always win and in the very process of trying to still the mind, the constant chatter just seems to get louder and louder!
Keep up the good works *-*

AmazinSistaGracee says:

Excellent video dev! Sound is perfect, very clear and concise. I can see these videos getting better and better and better as the days go by. You have some excellent knowledge to share. Keep up the good work dear!

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