Removing Poverty Consciousness

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I forgot the most important part. We want to finish our removal with our warm golden sun exercise– here is how we do it in this video…


mykimtube says:

Thanks for the sweet words J
blessings K

jdickerson23 says:

i love your enthusiasm. Thank you for letting your light shine.

mykimtube says:

Namaste Wendy
thank you for your Divine Energy
Blessings Kim

WendyO GoffO says:

I thank you so very much : ) I Solute The Devine In You

mykimtube says:

Hi Greg, right under the video it gives you the linc to the Golden Sun visualization. Any clearing we do if we finish it with our Golden Sun it will hold better. This is brought to me by Mia Foley who does really cool house clearings.
Let me know if you need more help finding it.

Greg Niven says:

Hey Kim,
What was your comment regarding “finishing up with your golden sun”
pertain to. I do not see this post below? I am not stellar with youtube and or computers for that matter. Please explain where I can find this info. Thanks

mykimtube says:

No you rock.

mykimtube says:

Hi Greg I so appreciate your kind words. I am so glad you and your wife work on these things Together what a great partnership and marriage you have.
I wanted to be sure u saw where I posted below about finishing up with your golden sun. That helps so much.
Again thanks for all your kind words, you are so appreciated.
blessings Kim

Greg Niven says:

Once again another great video, which came at the perfect time! I look forward to my weekends to see what your latest and greatest thoughts are. I continue to use all the the techniques you have given me through your amazing books. My life is always getting better in all facets. There continues to be challenges, but the arsenal you have given me allows me and my wife to deal with them easier. As always keep up the great work.

straty01 says:

you rock!!

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