God Restores – Spontaneous Soaking Worship Prayer Music – Meditation – Amazing worship

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http://www.youtube.com/user/SpiriTruthWorship I’m not sure who are the worshipers and singers in this song, but I thought I would share it because it impacte…


fullOfLife Vids says:

After my time of prayer and intercession, I came across this song. Thank you Father through JESUS CHRIST I am refreshed and restored in EVERY aspect of my life.

Lorenzo Covarrubias says:


SpiriTruthWorship says:

I also thank God for restoring my life, I would be nothing without Him….Thank you Father God

soljaboy45 says:

Amen…. Thank you LORD… I love you father!!! You restored my soul!!!

SpiriTruthWorship says:

God has you in His hands, even when we don’t understand things, He is always at work 🙂

strongbadable says:

This made me cry, He is truly a loving father. even though we don’t understand why things happen, He is always there for us.

God bless you

Kevin Mills says:

beautiful…I love it…

SpiriTruthWorship says:

Sometimes, when you think you have ‘arrived’ …then God comes and opens another chapter and our vision is expanded and then you realize… there is a lot more process to go through, we are a working progress but when your heart is in the right place, God will still use you in during the process


Floyd Amason says:

What a Blessing, Thanks so much for sharing!!  – Brother Floyd

TheBeckfamilyVideos says:

YES!!!! Thank you! So good.

theknuts6 says:

How can I get get this track? I need this on repeat in my home all day long!!!!

Eldridge Fantroy says:


Jennifer j says:

Awesomeness! <3 

SpiriTruthWorship says:

Thank you my sister. Blessings

rosecalabro says:

Thank you so much, what a blessing this is! God bless you.

Daniel Poor says:

Kari jobe, heather clarke

Daniel Poor says:

Sounds like alberto rivera,grace williams,kim rivera, vicki.yohe,

OneTime77100 says:

wow! this blessed me so much!!

SpiriTruthWorship says:

@joyfulllarissa Im almost 100% sure its from IHOP, but can’t tell you who are the singers…but i ran into this and i loved it 🙂

joyfulllarissa says:

kind of reminds me of IHOP

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