Spiritual & Religious Use | Marijuana

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Thoth dawhite says:

thank god for the sacred grass. just to put this out there but the bong sums up earth, fire, water and air wonderfully. earth is the weed, fire is the lighter, the water of the water in the bong and air the smoke if you subscribe to the idea that there is a firth force the force of everything then it would be the feeling you get after smoking the bong.

iEldilo says:

Hindhuism isnt with Rastafari Rastafari Is Jewish And Christian And orthodox

nicky jonnas says:

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TriflinThomas says:

People use it for different reasons. Who are you to say how one should use it?

Corey Salt says:

I abSOULutly agree, in fact I know 4 sure. I have all belief that the herb is a door way 2 the otherside. Telepathy is far easier to pick up, some may mistake it for paronoia if they pick up bad shit or some may say its coincidence. Possibilites r limitless if the brain, vessel and spirit come together as the trinity might say” the father, the son and the holy spirit” don’t get me wrong im not a religious sort of dude but all these things come from somewhere. Best place to find is 1s self.

Corey Salt says:

Yeah buddy

Muma Eric says:

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TheAAbck says:

he forgot about the hippie 60s to. i agree cannabis used to be a great spirituial tool but now like many things in the world its lost meaning and weed has now turned well to gangster now a days ppl just smoke it so they cant eat junk food and party with thier friends listening to all this rap music going on about weed

James Deffinger says:

But how could one say that one is better than the other? I find that cannabis is good for both of those things; it induces mild euphoria and enhances art, as well as cognition. I smoke to do both. It allows me to think of completely new ideas that I’d never be able to think of sober, which I put to use in my fiction, but I also use it recreationally because it enhances my joy and makes everything better than it already is. I really don’t understand why that is so bad in some people’s opinions.

Mau5head42 says:

You’re are so closed minded!

Tommy Vercetti says:

*loads bong* Gettin all spiritual up in here bitch

kingofCOMO says:

If you dont see the spiritual quality in weed then you obviously have never smoked good weed. please put down the dirt weed and realize that marijuana opens up your mind to the oneness of the world. remember, quality>quantity

zionthenation says:

Pot is all about God and God is all about pot. In Isaiah it says that pot is the greatest gift he gave us. It is the tree of life. It is our holy seed. It is our righteousness. It is written that we stumble but not from wine we stagger but not with strong drink. Our breath as fire devours us. It says that God created us for his own pleasure. He created us by getting us high. It is our baptism by fire. It doesn’t matter if you believe in god. If you get high god believes in you.

zionthenation says:

If you can say getting high isn’t spiritual then you have never been high when I get high I get god to me he is the high and I have found that god is very real and very powerful, Try this, go out to a place where there are rocks. Look for one shaped like a heart. You will find one and that is god saying I love you. The Christians have the cross the nation of Zion has the heart rock. Then read the book of Isaiah. He says we are the nation of Zion. I need 90,000 pot smokers to make it real

DizzeiKing says:

My fiancée is a Wiccan and refers to it as “Pracicing”

vince piazza says:

…. Im witch and i use it….

xXxSAiNTxXxRO4 says:

He mentioned witchcraft.. well witchcraft applies to the people who were less intelligent in those days. Who thought that pot was something evil used by some cult or whatever which is totally ridiculous. Its like saying that the Earth is Flat,, back in the day when we know its round.

maureen krims says:

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Jack Zylstra says:

Probably the most ignorant comment I’ve ever seen. Please attempt to back up your false claim.

Hughesy16LFC says:

Cannabis is a teacher plant, much like mushrooms, peyote, salvia, ayahausca etc. They have been used spiritually for thousands of years, that is their intended use. It is only because it is viewed as a recreational drug these days that its spiritual properties are mostly hidden. Intention (eg spiritual growth), moderation and respect for this ancient sacred plant is the key to unlocking its TRUE potential, instead of just making video games a bit more cool or food taste a bit better.

PhillyGamin says:

Why Howcast uploads weed videos = Owner of the channel tried weed > Got their mind positively fucked > Now loves weed and uploads shit about it. 

BradyOrvin says:

Marijuana is a powerful spiritual helper if you let it be. Most people only smoke to get high, watch TV and eat junk food rather than meditating, looking inward and focusing on consciousness.

Mike Allen says:

Marijuana was widely used at the time of Christ. The number one source of material used for ropes and common clothing by the Romans at the time of Christ was Hemp. The Egyptians at the time of Christ was using Marijuana oil for its healing properties. It was common to anoint the sick at the time of Christ with Hemp oil. It is most probable that the oil the early Church was anointing the sick with was Hemp oil, marijuana oil.

101red101 says:

If people are aloud to drink alcohol which is so devastating to most communities then why can’t they use marihuana which hardly affects anyone?

Stoned1Ape1Theory says:

Word up rasta

Dejan Milovanović says:

Only junkies use marijuana!

cashlessbread says:

paranormal accounts are evidence demons exist..every case has an interdimensional approach,using deception as an effective constraint..demons mimic the deceased promoting séances -talking to the dead,they also mimic alien-grays,ufo’s and bigfoot worldwide promoting secularism..they’ll use any shapeshifting deception steering men away from the bible..to analyze demonic accounts check the playlist on my channel.

amy moira says:

Remember when howcast were tutorials and not all about marijuana! Seriously look at the channel list of videos! All marijuana!

gbstation2348 says:

i think i just became spiritual :p

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