Spiritual Reality – The Journey Within

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what happens when we meditate?. Meditation process. Spiritual Reality – The Journey Within Meditación. Realidad espiritual – El camino al interior La meditac…


Kaya Mgijima says:

My silver cord comes out through the forehead of my physical body and connects to the back of the head of my astral body.

rshashi72 says:

Love this video

Emil Rangelov says:

Cannot agree more with you. Namaste

paulbenavidez123 says:

seems far more complicated and circuitous than what it is. meditation connects oneself, but also can be collectively, to LOVE. It’s that simple. And LOVE is everything anywhere. Though LOVE is omnipresent and omniscient, and available to anyone it cannot be accessed without your spirit.

Vaibhav Dabhade says:

Best one !!!

Giannis Meletis says:

Mals Graupha Und Veh Graupha Gisg Med Gon Med Van

Katherine Schindler says:

Thanks. I wish I knew Spanish. Maybe that will be a goal.

Pedro Rosvill says:

I think there’s a version with all subs languages on dotsub . com

Katherine Schindler says:

Is there an english text available> thanks

manikrao bhure says:

Best meditation video ever , seriously

kavitha mooli says:


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