Pocket God Facebook Avatar and Octopus

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Sorry about the choppiness of the video. I’m using some new software and am still trying to get a handle on how it works. For best results when fighting the …


Bridget Welch says:

Thanks for this tip, I never thought to try spawning my friends 🙂

carlvin43 says:

you can also spawn freinds avatar to place them n other directions so they will trow the spear too

Bridget Welch says:

I never thought to try this. I’ll have to give it a shot the next time I’m on the Gold Island. Thanks for the tip 🙂

Denis Y. says:

Yes you can use your pygmies to trow rocks while avatar is trowing the spear

Bridget Welch says:

What do you mean?

Imparrii says:

you can use your pygmies to also hurt the octipus

Imparrii says:

then what? :o

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