Subliminal Awareness Expand Your Consciousness Part One

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Most people are stuck in the dream cube a personal prison within the matrix prison based upon fear False. Evidence. Appearing. Real, Sucking the life force o…


3miceboys says:

I feel moved to comment on what a great resource your channel is. The selection of material offered has been wonderfully helpful on my road of self development.
Much appreciation for your generosity.

Seena THE says:

its really great .!! but can i listen to this video many times in one day

drvirtual7 says:

Subliminal Synchronicity

davidbow23 says:

What are the subliminals on this video dr v? I have been using several of your videos now for,some time and have noticed you have offered to email several people the compressed downloads… Could I ask you for three or four of the ones I listen to daily please?

Victor Adaramola says:

Thank you for this beautiful gift God bless you.

mironkahn says:

Wow, these are always so amazing to meditate to. Thank you. Gratitude. Namaste.

mjmosk says:

Thank you Dr. V, I find myself and my trading team listening to these in the background all day on a loop. Our production is going up and all is right in my world. Thanks

Jonathan Drizzle says:

I appreciate your channel Dr. Virtual. If it can be believed, the mind can achieve. I been waiting all this time for this moment in time and it feels like the octaves and frequency are progressively furthering the mental and spiritual.

GiaSundae says:

Dr. Virtual, which of your vids would be good for ‘breakthrough’. I seem to always arrive at the precipice of certain successes, only to be pushed back. There has to be some sort of pattern I’m repeating that I don’t know how to break. Like pushing a rewind button, or something. Big LOVE to you.

drvirtual7 says:

You’re welcome. In listening to this recording the perception expands in it’s infinite totality of the sense. Allow patience in saturation repetition of the new paradigm. Thirty minutes a day or every other day. This is a just listen audio recording with or without headphones.

drvirtual7 says:

You’re welcome

Dano Pierce says:

Good, that would make a nice segue from this active presentation, good for reading perhaps or just meditation with Crystals, then the sleep mode. Thanks!

Oniro Bios says:

Thank you for the beautiful sound Doc. How often should one listen to this?

GiaSundae says:

thank you

drvirtual7 says:

Yes Jordanaddict one of the benefits of this recording is peace because the listener is no longer in the cube. Peace and blessings back to you.

drvirtual7 says:

You’re welcome David

David von Braun says:

Loving it!!

drvirtual7 says:

Part two is perhaps more subtle and may be used while sleeping

Cheznazi Samji says:

Is part 2 sleep listening?

David Greenman says:

Listening now. Thank you.

Dayshawn Obi says:

Mind seems to be at ease. Peace Dr. virtual…

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