My Life: How I Came to Know God! (My story/testimony)

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Hi guys! So first off, thank you all again for letting me share my story and I really hope you can see a bit more of who I am in this video. If you didn’t li…


LeAnne Marie says:

As soon as I saw the link for this video I had to drop everything. I watched your past video of the drawing your life and immediately thought of myself. I, too felt that there wasn’t a place for me in the world and that I didn’t have a purpose until one day my boyfriend brought me to the youth group nearby. I can’t even explain the experiences with God that I had. You made me feel unashamed of my relationship with Him. I will no longer ever be ashamed to call myself a true believer(:

Natalia Augustyn says:

You’ve brought me to tears. Everything you said was relatable and I’m so happy that there are people like you on youtube. You’ve helped me realize even more how much I love God. Thank you so much for this

Samantha Prebich says:

Just because you wear certain clothes doesn’t have anything to do with being a Christian or not it’s a fashion statement religion is about your relationship with god not how you look. And you can still party and be a Christian as long as your not letting partying run your life just putting that out there

nothando cebisa says:

thank you for showing us this video I am inspired God is great.

iamnotauser93ify says:

I see your instagram pictures and I don’t think that clubbing is leading a very christian life.

Breanna Mattis says:

This was very inspiring and thank you for uploading it!

JavaCakes101 says:

I love this video, it has affected me in such a positive way and I want to change my life. I’ve never known God and I’ve never really tried to find out the path to faith, it’s always been “silly” to me and not anything I’ve ever been into. But now I’m trying to find my way and trying to open my heart to God and I hope He will show himself to me and make my life journey so much more meaningful. Thank you for sharing your story <3 you're very inspirational.

Jayme O'Hanlon says:

I would love it if you spoke for FCA at my highschool!

ACountryGirlsWorld1 says:

I am sooo glad I watched this video! I have been in tears through this whole video! You are amazing!!! Thank you for this!

Amy Foncello says:

I can totally understand why you might feel the way you do, but she didn’t come on youtube and say she was perfect because she follows Jesus Christ, she gave her testimony and has inspired others to find Him and share it. God changes your life but He made you who you are way before you may even let Him into your life. regardless of anything else she is an example of the peace that comes over your life as you follow the MOST HIGH! If she were perfect and felt that way why would she need GOD?

Amy Foncello says:

Honey your testimony is so beautiful! Jesus Christ is so amazing! I am probably about 10yrs older then you, but I have a very similar testimony. I am so happy that you found God when you were in high school. I wish I had found Him that early in life. You look back to before at the things that would have turned out so differently had you just let Him in. Thank God though for His grace and mercy because it is never too late to find Him. I am so proud of you for coming on here and sharing!

ChristianWarrior422 says:


ChristianWarrior422 says:

This is such an inspiring and humbling video!!!! Praying for you and you’re life!!!! Being a Child of the MOST HIGH GOD is the BEST!!!!

kennaderek0910 says:

@oth fan , yes your correct, but the thing is God will continue teaching her thru his word , its His job to lay that on her heart when He is ready . Everyones path is different and His Will is perfect as long as she continues to walk with Him she will continue to grow in His likeness.

kennaderek0910 says:

I know God is so proud of you for stepping out and standing up for Him and spreading the Gospel at whatever cost , I shared this on my fb , I had a beauty channel at one point but I felt like I didnt want to just.share beauty because of coarse God is #1 in my life but with people like you and melmphs it gives me the courage to come back and do BOTH of the things I love. Thanks for sharing.

Erica Gladden says:

Thank you for sharing. I have such an incredibly similar testimony, and it felt like you were sharing my story! Keep on shining, God has favor on your life, and you will go above and beyond your wildest dreams with Him! He has a special spot for you in his heart.

yuriana001 says:

Thank you !!!*^▁^*

oth fan says:

Hi, I watched this video and I found it so moving and inspiring, you are so blessed to have God enter in your life. I watched some of your other videos now however, and forgive me if this sounds insulting, but by what you wear etc I don’t see how you can live a double life and still follow God and follow his teachings. As someone struggling to build a relationship with God I just find this confusing to what makes you different from the previous person you used to be.

Koukou Liligirl says:

im a muslim and god is our leader and our inspiration im happy that i found a christian that still knows the meaning of god and knows what is wrong and what is right our relegions is not very diffrent exept we believe in jesus and in mohamed thats the only diffrence 🙂

synade beason says:

This was amazing!! God will take you far because of this 🙂

Meletha Love says:


katylovesmustaches says:

You’re amazing ❤️

xBLaKHearTx says:

I liked this vid without even watching it. It’s the title that got to me 😉

Tania Lopez says:

Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been trying to avoid God and the church for the last few years, trying to find something that makes me happy, but you opened my eyes. You have no idea how bad I needed to hear this. Thank you so so much Alison.

Jacqueline Maxson says:

I’m so happy that you had the courage to share such an inspirational video!!! I’ve been having hard times these past couple of weeks and was just really feeling discouraged about my journey with God but still something was telling not to give up on Him and I didn’t. Today has been a wonderful and to top it off I came across ur video and it really touched. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For being who you are and putting your story out there. GOD BLESS!!!

Tatyana Spravtseva says:

Your amazing. ♥ my sister went to Passion 2013 and I cried every night that she was gone not because I missed her but because I wanted to be there. I was so upset and jealous. But ill go this year. And I love CharismaStar too. Shes my favorite YouTuber and now you are to because of your love for God. 🙂 your beautiful! I love you sooo much! !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥♥

bieberforever100 says:

Thank you thank you thank you! You seriously have no idea how much this helped me I’m a sophomore in high school and now I’m just so much happier thanks to you

shaqy4321 says:

Hi, i have never seen any of your videos but today i stumbled across your video & i LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR Testimony. I am working on becoming closer to GOD & at the same time is/was becoming discouraged & your testimony just made me smile & cry all at once. Just your story alone gave me the faith again ton want to continue my connection with GOD & i just want to thank you for letting people know about GOD & sharing your story ^_^

watergirlbc says:

You are so inspirational. I’m in high school right now and life is hard. I realized something about me, but I am terrified that He won’t except me. I’m scared. But I love Him and believe in Him. And I will, forever and always.

shannon duke says:

Thank you so much for this!! You are an amazing person!! Love you and God bless!!

Natalie Valle says:

Every single word you said described my life really.

Ulysses2468 says:

This is amazing, its almost close to Lacey Sturm’s testimony 🙂 god bless youu

Jocys Kitchen says:

Hi Allison, Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. It gave me goosebumps as the feelings you experienced are some I too, have experienced. May God continue to bless you always. Stay strong in your beliefs and continue to be unashamed of his love for you and your love for him. God is so good! 🙂

Johanna M says:

Awesome to hear your story! Thank you & God bless!

lorpatty says:

Thank you for sharing you story with me and everyone. I have faith in god, listen to christen music,,and pray, but I don’t go to church. I feel that god is reaching out to me but with all the things I do I don’t feel I have a close relationship with him. Sometimes I feel lost and ask god for a answer, but maybe I am not getting one because I haven’t fully say yes to him being in my life. I am scare about what others might say if I share my with them. Now I know I need to say yes to god.

shanayahreagan says:

I’m also Christian! god is using your being for many beautiful things! thank you for standing up and showing yourself and our savior, as I know its very hard to do! god bless you Allison!

inemista22 says:

I’ve loved so much this video… You do something very good and the interior peace is everything just I want to tell you to learn about the ads others religions do it and finlly you can choose I’m musulman and I encourage you learn about this religion

MsVsbarbie says:

I am currently seeking that same thing you found but how do you differentiate it being god or it being a good group of people who love you? Like how do you know it’s god that was there vs. The pastor loving you without knowing you? That’s where I feel lost :/

Melanye Espinoza says:

Im cristian twoo.. & ur video is very inspiring and interesting.

joansouthjs says:

Many blessings. Thanks for posting 😉

TheHagetta says:

PS thank you for this video for a multitude of reasons

TheHagetta says:

I’m so impressed. I’m from a full on Christian country and I would still not have the guts to do what you’ve just did 🙂

Well done 🙂 🙂

idkwhattaname says:

This make ur fan love u more (o^^o)♪

Ishy Barbz says:

You shouldn’t have tattoos. We should have a good testimony to inspire everyone to believe and repent our sins

Luvglitzgirl says:

What a beautiful story. I can just imagine how happy your parents must of been for you. Thank you for sharing.

AlisonLovesJB says:

Thank you so much for showing them. That means the world. xo

Divaact1 says:

This takes a lot of courage to post, God is going to use this video in great ways! This is very inspiring and I pray that you would continuen to follow Gods will. John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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