Namaste Yoga 167 Goddess Shasti Unleashing Your Creativity

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Melissa West says:

Wow, I’m behind on responding to this comment Janis! How was´╗┐ it? Judging by your paintings, you unleashed something 4 months ago! lol! Namaste, Melissa

Melissa West says:

Isn’t wildthing fun Jessica! ­čÖé That combination of keyhole and reclined heroes is just´╗┐ a great combination too. Glad you had fun with this class! Namaste, Melissa

jessica bruyere says:

That was awesome! I loved wild thing pose!! I also enjoyed the combination of´╗┐ keyhole and reclined hero’s. Thanks Melissa!

Melissa West says:

I think your creative mind is already coming up with ways to connect with your creativity! Sounds like you could have lots of fun playing with your three boys – finger painting, side walk chalk, the ideas´╗┐ are endless – the Artists Way might be a great book to check out (or go back to!) Namaste, Melissa

Rikke ├śstergaard says:

I really haven’t thought about how I could connect with my creativity. I just miss some of it in my work as a teacher. I’m a music- and dance teacher, so I “should be” in touch with that side of me. But I feel like I’m too busy to come up with new ideas…. I´╗┐ feel like I’m not “playing” anymore. There’s only room for serious things – just like you said in the class. (I’m also a mother of three boys – so there is enough to do in my life right now. Sometimes I do paint etc. with my kids…. ­čÖé

Melissa West says:

Dear Rikke, That sounds like a´╗┐ huge awareness. I’m glad this class gave you hope. What is one small thing you could do to connect with your creativity? One thing I like to do is get a box of crayons from the dollar store and their sketch paper – it just brings me back to my childhood creativity! What will you do to connect to your creativity? Namaste _/_ Melissa

Melissa West says:

A true sense of joy and mental and physical release! That sounds wonderful Natasha. I remember having a similar response to this class ­čÖé I love wild thing pose too – and yes, I need to remember to use that hero and keyhole together again! Thank you for reminding me. I love creating and coming up´╗┐ with new ideas. I look forward to having you as a member very soon! ­čÖé _/_ Namaste Melissa

Natasha Holecz says:

This episode filled me with a true sense of joy and mental and physical release. I loved the hero and keyhole together, they completely released the debilitating pain and tightness in my left hip. It felt so amazingly great, I laughed aloud! Wild thing pose is so much fun as well, I feel inspired, emotional, wonderful. Thank you for your creativity in creating this class! Looking forward to joining you´╗┐ on the membership site very soon! Namaste.

Rikke ├śstergaard says:

That episode really spoke to me! I was crying when you talked about how we’re often too busy to being creative…. My black cat is my work;) – and for some years now´╗┐ I┬┤ve believed that maybe I┬┤m just not the “creative type”. But I feel like something (or a part of me) is missing in my life. This class really gave me some hope;-) Thank you!

Melissa West says:

Isn’t wild thing fun? I love it too! ­čÖé You are welcome. Thank you for your gratitude´╗┐ and taking the time to leave your kind comments. _/_ Melissa

Yeimi Moreno says:

I love wild thing pose! Thank´╗┐ you for this awesome episode ­čśÇ

Melissa West says:

Hola Pepita,´╗┐ Definitivamente, tiempo lento y m├ís. Gracias por sus amables comentarios. Gracias por su yoga. Namaste, Melissa

Pepita Perez says:

supongo que ha sido gradual desde´╗┐ q empezaste porque ha sido un cambio dedesde el episodio1 al ultimo, Ahora estas guapisima y delgadisima. Y me encanta como practicas yoga
y tu estilo. gracias por todo.

soma viscera says:

the fruits you´╗┐ produce will be stolen by what you dont take responsibility for in your life..

Melissa West says:

So glad you loved the class Lorry and yes, hero and keyhole did work well together.´╗┐ Thank you for your gratitude. Glad you enjoyed the class. Thanks for leaving your comments. Namaste, Melissa

Melissa West says:

It’s always fun to mix and match poses! Glad you loved it! ­čÖé Thanks for leaving your comments´╗┐ Franky

Melissa West says:

Yo como un anti-inflamatorio, vegano, sin gluten, sin az├║car, sin alcohol, sin dieta noche sombras. Llego a la cama temprano´╗┐ y yo practicar mi yoga y meditar diariamente. He hablado mucho sobre mi vida limpia en mi Tu canal Living Yoga. Espero que ayude. Namaste, Melissa

Franky6981 says:

That stretch was amazing´╗┐ . I love it

Pepita Perez says:

como has´╗┐ adelgazado tanto melissa? dame la receta

Lorry Onosson says:

Loved it Melissa! the hero and´╗┐ keyhole works well together! Thankyou so much for this, Lorry.

Melissa West says:

Let me´╗┐ know how you enjoy it! ­čÖé

silkcastle says:

Can’t wait to do this one tomorrow´╗┐ morning!!!!!

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