SPIRITUALITY || How To Decalcify & Activate Your PINEAL GLAND

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The Matrix Man says:

Hi Mel, how are you? Glad that you are doing your journey great justice. Make sure its the 1st hour of sunrise and the last at sunset also, that way it will be easier on your eyes. Blessings

melstrac1 says:

Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom, I will try the sun gazing, I had already swapped the toothpaste. Peace be with you.

The Matrix Man says:

Hi Ra! Thanks for watching and also commenting, I appreciated that very much. Peace

The Matrix Man says:

Hey Thea, how are you? Thanks to drop by here and share the love. Thanks for your comment too, bless.

ra2mu295 says:

Nice work, love it!

Thea3000w says:

Respect bredda. I deeply appreciate the Knowledge. Love and Balance King

Itzno Shade says:

the undercovers are real~!~

The Matrix Man says:

Hi Tika, how are you doing? Thanks for dropping by here. I am glad that you find these info useful to your personal needs and growth. Thanks for subscribing also and please chat with me on Facebook as well.The link is on my channel, Bless. 

Tika Collins says:

Wow you’re awesome so glad I found you and your channel! I’m Always looking for “answers” to life’s big questions… currently I’m researching the pineal gland being the gateway to our, human, origins. I definitely could stand to loose a few pounds and now I know it will be beneficial for mind body and physical health!! Thanks for the push

The Matrix Man says:

Hi Kirby. How are you? Thanks for the comment, bless.

Kirby954 says:

Good good post

The Matrix Man says:

Thank you very much for stopping by and also for subscribing as well. I appreciated that very much, bless.

yvonneawhite says:

New to your vids…really nice…thank you..:)…♫♥♪

TheOnSaughtz says:

EVERYONE LOOKING FOR THIS CHANGE IN OURSELVES, WATCH ‘DRAGON BALL Z’. Know the rhythm or meaning behind the story of this show and you will learn what we are sustained of… and what we’re CAPABLE of. (watch the frieza saga if too lazy XD)

bradley cooper says:

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The Matrix Man says:

Hey James,thanks for your input here also. Vegetable was apart of it as much. The meat we are eating these days isn’t really good meat like what was available back then. Most of it now a days are clone meat.

The Matrix Man says:

Hi Rajamani. How are you? Thanks for watching this video and hoping that the info was useful to your need. Bless

Rajamani Sathiamoorthy says:

Awesome… to know all these info. Thanks for uploading this video.

James Gad says:

i thought eating meat is what we did from the start of human kind

Karishma Shanto says:

sun gazing should be done only when you see the first rays in the morning. in the first hour. and not any time during the day specially not at noon, as this may greatly affect your vision.

Mztrue87 says:

Hey I’ve only just started studying this but really interested in changing my lifestyle. Do I need to cut out meat completely?

The Matrix Man says:

Hi Sandy, how are you doing? Hoping you are having a good day also. Thanks for watching this video and glad that the info was useful for you also. You can join me on my Facebook Fan Page, where we can have discussion on many other topics on their. The link is on my Channel here. Thanks

Sandy Ingram says:

Thank u for your video, I am trying very hard to find oneness with myself, watching your video gave me some sound tips. This is the first video I have scene and anxious to watch other videos, I am having a difficult time right now and I feel that your verbiage on your videos will answer a lot of my questions.. thank you and God Bless

moopvc says:

Hey Avion, you should only sun gaze in the last hour of sunset, or the first hour of sunrise, and you should only do 10 sec. increment increase per day.
go to solarhealingcom and read on the process of how to do it. It’s important to know how to do this correctly.

Peter Ondrejka says:

You mean Melatonin with Melanin you mentioned ? :-)

The Matrix Man says:

Hi! how are you? Thanks for dropping those info here with us. You can chat to me on my fan page also, so feel free to like my page and come over there and share more insights also, bless.

The Matrix Man says:

Hey Avion, how are you? Thanks for sharing your experience. If you said its your 1st time gazing at the sun, then that will be a strange experience for your eyes and brain also, so try and work yourself into it easily, make sure you dont do it when the sun is at its hottest neither. At sun-rise is good and sun-set. Especially if your eyes are weak to the sun.

avion reynolds says:

Hey I sun gazed yesterday for the first time, and I still have the image of the sun stuck in my eyes, it’s shrouding my vision. I hope my eyes are not damaged. I hope I don’t have to go to the eye doctor, and also I don’t know if I should continue this practice. Is that a normality for the eyes after doing this practice?

PrivateQueer180 says:

I’ve been reading this book: ‘The Ego & His Own’ by Max Stirner. Stirner is a nihilist & individualist anarchist and I feel has some profound ideas on the spiritual/consciousness, morality and why we should pursue self-interest. There should be a PDF online, if you can’t find it, i’ll happily send it to you. I would do it now but i’m not on a pc, so it’s a long ting init. Peace!

PrivateQueer180 says:

However, I must contend your statement: “Humans are here for a higher purpose”. I truly believe we are just here, consciousness suddenly just awoke thus we should do is pursue our self-interest

PrivateQueer180 says:

Hey man, I like your talks

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