September Hits and Oh God NO’s!

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Odie says:

You’re so adorable!

ThePinkheart44 says:

I love you and your amazing videos! <3

Beautyosaurus Lex says:

Your english is crazy good! Beyond impressed 🙂

ArtGirlLisa says:

“hi i’m Nikki from Holland, and i can’t get it!” xD haha Nikki ik weet precies hoe je je voelt, het is echt een handicap dat er zoveel dingen niet naar Nederland kunnen worden verzonden en niet hier in de winkels liggen. en als ze in de winkels liggen, zijn ze verschrikkelijk duur!

Corey Laine says:

Oh, lord, I love your personality.

Paige Gomez says:

Need to use vanilla on my cheekbonessss

hippiedippietrippy says:

yeah rihanna is ratchet and its just annoying

22happiness says:

Hi Nikkie 🙂
I hope you will come back very soon! Oh and happy 300th video *o*

zachner says:

an you make burlesque makeup tutorials???

the xtina movie burlesque style tho lol

paintingjesus90 says:

Your hair looks so pretty

HUSSA194 says:

I mess you 2 🙁

Courtney Blackburn says:

I miss you!! Come back to us! Haha

sarah duran says:

Did you get injections?  Ur lip looks fuller

Bruna Gusmão says:

girl, I found your channel yesterday and I’m deeply in love with you GODDAMNIT

GriseldaCazares30 says:

Oh how I love your vids! You r so gorgeous and inspirational. So happy to hear your living a fabulous life. God Bless you.. Hello from California

Ranz xo says:

Omg I miss you and your vids love u

Thamara Cardoso says:

Nikkie you’re so cuteee, ownt ^.^ …. I’m your brazilian fan ;D

MademoiselleJosephin says:

waiiit you were in germany ?! Oh come on! When you come over here again let me know before so we can go shopping make up together 🙂

SonjaLove06 says:

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ps great video!:D

pikabeautytalks x says:

I have the p2 polish strict 2 ilovehim<3_<3

Justyna S says:

ombre brows? 

beneaththebronzer says:


SonjaLove06 says:

HEY LOVES! , i know that this is annoying but please hear me out…
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MsDragonrainbowful says:

Love you! I always look forward to your posts.

francy jugan says:

Please make a vampire look, I love you nikkie ❤

MykaArellano says:

Nikkie this eye makeup is insanely beautiful!! Can you do a tutorial on it please?

Joslyn Hatch says:

I love you!

Joslyn Hatch says:

Your teeth look great :)

Indicabliss says:

I’m trying to raise money to give my parents and little sister a mold free home asap. All I want is to give them a home that provides a healthy and stress free environment for them to live and thrive in. 🙂

HoundKid says:

I’m loving your eyeshadow , the orange gradient is gorgeous !

Eleana Moore says:

LOL XD your so funny i love you 😀

MyFantasticNails says:

Hahaha same thoughts here about Rihanna en Miley. Bij Rihanna dacht ik echt zo ….. wtf:S die videoclip, beetje vaag allemaal:S

dj105284 says:

I’d love for you to do a mermaid look 🙂

CuteSimpleStuff says:

I step back from youtube for a while, now I am back and I just remember how funny you are! Subscribed…again! haha

nels glasstouch says:

‘its not about wearing glasses, its about making a statement” – OH GOD NO 

Bodine Tange says:

je bent zo leeeeeeukk, alleen vind ik je wenkbrauwen niet zo mooi ;( xxx

Sarah B says:

Also from love im macing this pigment 😀 Hahahahahhaaha

lesliethiel says:

I will forever watch ALL your videos just cuz of your “oh God No’s”! Rihanna and Miley have to go home now. Lol LOVE your tutorials. I’ve learned so much. Being a woman of age, I’m able to adjust a bit and use many of your techniques. Thank you and God Bless. Much success in your new ventures. Hugs. 🙂

sukkerstov says:


JoyWielenga says:

You should have said you were.. “Retired..” 😛

Catherine Cyr says:

Maybe a Gatsby look..? I wanna see your version of an 20s makeup!

RebelRoseAngel says:

For Halloween look do like a gothic fairy sort of thing 🙂

Kacey Rene says:

Do Jessica Rabbit (:

animakeupgrrl42 says:

Hey, Nikki. Someone with the user name ‘steven king’ had been uploading your videos and copying your downbar info. PLEASE THUMBS UP SO SHE CAN SEE!

Danielle Davis says:

You’re amazeballs. That is all.

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