Developing Your Creativity

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Anybody can be more creative than they are now. It’s about removing the blocks in your life to unleash your creativity! Free your thinking! Communicate your …


Tasianna G says:

true, true teach on brother!!

catwalk1006 says:

great, love to hear that coming from a positive person.

katakilla05 says:

you are the best thanks for share this videos !!!

MsMybabydaddy says:

wow you hit it on da money my friend. I actually needed to hear that.especially when u new to da field, or you went to a crapy school.,and especially at da salon thinking u ok but theres negative people dat put u down .but anyways im glad i heard this now I FEEL BETTER.GREAT MOTIVATION.THANKS AGAIN 🙂

dessydc23 says:

Thank you for this

dora231teodora says:

i’m a young stylist and i have a loooongggg way to be one that doesn’t need to tell that she/he is but people to know you are one…and i gotta say you inspire me!

Aron Pritchard says:

“my husband likes my hair long.” oooooooooh god, i hear that every day. but i like ur take on it, “get a new husband.” oh snap, lol, that itself is just brilliant!! i as a young stylist aspire to be like you, youre my role model!!!

Ryan Harmening says:

Good ole Sam wisdom. Thanks man. One day would love to work beside you.

juliannareyes30 says:

hi sam!! your video gave me the chills! lol im in school now and i watch your videos over and over they inspire me to be different and trust my own creativity i practice your techniques all the time you are a great teacher and i cant wait to get some your dvds, thank you sooooo much for taking time to make videos and give all this free education to us i hope you do it forever lol! 🙂

timburyg says:

Excellent tips Sam, I also made many mistakes and it is by this accident that I actually learned a new way to achieve the same result in turn by making it easier and more fun in my haircutting. by gerry.jean

tabasko2000 says:

You are a gift! these tips are very helpful in styling and also, other activities. Thanks!
I love your comments about ”kids being the most creative creatures until going to school” is true! despite we all need education, we should never be so strict following rules… life looses its taste!

mscrystalofdc says:

Thank You SAM! Muah Muah You are so smart and intelligent! One of the best stylist I have ever seen, And Humble, oh, GOD bless you. Muah.

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