‘You’re a God’ ft. Doublelift & Aphromoo ➪by N3tworkKitt3N

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Metalynx says:

Eh, you commented, then a guy named “Mads Antoft” commented, then you responded (that makes 2), then i came with my comment. Then you fall back on calling me a “random retard” because you had no more arguments and couldn’t admit that people are free to enjoy the video without it being “spectacular”?

Well at least I’m not the random retard here 😉

Sofa King says:

You dont know if I disagree? My first sentence clearly implies disagreement…. reading comprehension much?

MadJango says:


dennisgaz02 says:

Open Broadcast Software, google it, its a free streaming tool

Firepingwin1000 says:

open broadcast streaming

I think.

A tool which allows streaming anyway.

GodLess Morpheus says:

Please does anyone know song name?

M4RL3ON says:

ghaahahah so funny great job dude :DD

MadJango says:

What does OBS stand for? Sorry I’m a noob. 😛

AngelShot27 says:

did you see how he timed the moves so that it hits just the exact time that Janna’s adc recalled back to base?… and now janna is all alone being that he cancelled her recall just in the perfect timing before she teleports… but not to early that caitlyn could cancel hers and help out…

of course you didn’t see it bronzie!… 🙂

NeverenCH says:

So funny how one makes a joke , and the fanboys start defending their hero xD Sheep everywhere.

NeverenCH says:

Btw i only commented 2 times cause some random retarded wanted to tell me something , oh i think it was you !

NeverenCH says:

I dont care about your opinion ill just say something to feel better cause you sure need to be enlighted about the quality of this video. Ok whatever you enjoy doing dude.

pkphantom says:

i need that music in the background

MonsterKat says:

is he back in clg?

Steven Csenteri says:


Crystal Black says:

did I say tristana? srry meant cait:P the video is a bit blue and I got confused:3

Crystal Black says:

Flashing at that exact moment, left him exactly the time the grab needed to land.(sorry for my bad english you get what i’m saying:3) If he did it earlier, tristana would stop recalling and kill him. If he did it half a second later he could not have landed the q, because janna would have gone b:) U still believe what u said?

Jose Antonio Cifuentes Ruiz says:

And this IS godlike. The difference from this play working to not working is about 0.5 seconds so to calculate that perfectly is pretty impressive. Specially since he was really low health and could have been a free kill for cait

SonicView says:

Gee Gee!

TheShengkun says:

You bronzies and silver players think no big deal, but there’s a reason why these plays never happen in your elo.

TheShengkun says:

This play is amazing because
1. Usually, any normal support would not have the confidence to make such plays and get solo kills without their adc when the enemy adc is with the support. Instead they’ll just back. But no, aphroo stayed looking to catch the Janna.
2. Aphroo timed Cait’s back animation, knowing that Janna is backing later than Cait, so he knew that once Cait reached the 1 second mark of his recall, he wouldn’t have time to react and aphroo took advantage of that and caught Janna.

TheKhashan says:

That’s racist!

Wizardi1111 says:

how was this anything amazing?

SwissMistery94 says:

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Shadowshot03 says:

Yeah, although people like you in silver 5 know that it’s easy to accomplish such a play.

Luis Oceguera says:


Metalynx says:

The “you’re a god” title comes from the actual quote in the video.. I don’t care about what your opinion is, i don’t intend to change it – I just pointed out that you already made two comments referring to how you disliked the video because it wasn’t a “spectacular play”, when i simply tried to enlighten the point: “It does not have to be spectacular to be an enjoyable video”.

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