Creativity is Who I Am/The Joker (Available on Mobile) 2012

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This video was actually my 7th video ever uploaded on to youtube over a year ago. As you can tell, it was only filmed on my webcam, in my room, when everyone…


muffinshiloh says:

Man Lex, that’s pretty cool!

MadeYewLook says:

thank you very much!!!

blue0eyes6 says:

is she gay? please say yes lol

Emily Ktsoeva says:

pleeease, i beg you- what`s the name of the song?

Xavier Reutzel says:


mala caballero says:

this just so inspired me!

alex u says:

go lex! πŸ˜€

cameron cooke says:

you go lex

Jazmin Pineda says:

how the hell did blue0eyes6 get that many likes WTF.

Ava Campion says:

shes like jenna marbels

Trevor McClelland says:

Awwww Lex! This video is so inspiring!

TheKnoxvillebam says:

Same here! Anti- Bullying.

noel acevedo says:

please say no! lol

Isis Walker says:

you’re awesome great job and kids are mean now days xD

Cindy Lundin says:

I love this video. Kids/ Teenagers are meaner now. It sucks that anybody
has to go through bullying. STOP BULLYING NOW!

scottishbunny says:

Wow! Having watched a few of your videos before this one, I am blown away
by your talent and determination to stick it to the unbelievers! WELL
DONE!! Can’t wait to see more of your awesomeness!

Chloe Penny says:

she reminds me of a version of Jillian Michaels πŸ˜€

Rosalie Carrieri says:

Aww this made me cry…

Looh Q. says:

Eu amo essa guria, sΓ©rio! β™₯

CoyMakeup says:

I’m trying to thumbs up your video, but it won’t let me! You should know,
you’re awesome; I heart you. That’s all.

Candida Cole says:

And u are Awesome

Ashley H says:

do you do this for a living?

EntireConfusion says:

What’s so wrong about being a nerd…?

Katie Farrell says:

You’re amazing<3

Seth Norlander says:

You are absolutely amazing as an artist. You have a talent that no other
person would be lucky to possess. You rock.

PL4YB3Y0ND says:

wow this actually was a very inspirational video! It’s always great seeing
success stories. Seriously, good for you & good luck, you seem like a very
strong woman!

Carly Hiwalker says:

You’re my inspiration. You are absolutely AMAZING!

ttmae says:

HOLY SHIT THAT makeup looks badass

Brett Chapin says:

Lex, you already know this, but you are awesome and don’t believe anyone
who says otherwise!

bukueOner says:

I’m a 24 yr old guy looking to get into costume makeup, but i have no clue
where to start. Where did you start lex?

Perry Fulcher says:

You’re my favourite makeup artist.

Ashley Wells says:


Emily Huffman says:

Good for you lex, good for you for sticking with it and showing everyone
that’s ever made fun of you what’s up

Bibi Widget says:


SHNC880 says:

My god Lex this is the second video of yours I watched I love you, and your
creative inspiration!

Lexi Montoya says:

This is beautiful. Thank you so much Lex! <3 Makes it even better cuz we
have the same name!

Hannah Sandeen says:

thank you <3

Kelsey Carbary says:

you’re awesome πŸ™‚

Raven Nonya says:

You kind of ARE a boss! πŸ˜€ I’m inspired!

beautycutie2315 says:

the chick is awesome

JamieRawrasaur says:

this is beautiful. i was one of those kids who were bullied from the age of
3, for no reason…even now, i get bullied. im 21 years old and high school
girls bully me on the street, at work…everywhere. it sucks. and these
girls dont even know me.

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