LOVE and ALONENESS (OSHO Meditation Minutes)

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OSHO International Foundation – The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. – Osho


rayhanash says:

I know it now´╗┐ ­čÖé

MissMaria1988 says:

Yes..telling truth..and be full´╗┐ of love is ONE
tell the truth
love everybody

kjoymungol says:

Osho never born never´╗┐ died. Only visited this earth.

karan0737 says:

Hmmm,always keep these lines wid you he you want to happy,,´╗┐

inannarising1 says:

Fabulous as always. I´╗┐ love him.

FaraOn86 says:


ojr777 says:

he says´╗┐ paradoxical

sidz8690 says:

the swans are amazing´╗┐

vedvyas1973 says:

sounds very addicitng´╗┐

rifliflih says:


logicc33 says:

how do 9/11 truthers create anger? they create questions based on facts. in fact they are the ones who have changed themselves already and try to create change outside them based on their patience to try and understand tragedies so they wont happen again. they create the anger from the unchanged who need change. if anything their love manifests thru speaking truth? maybe osho might create anger thru what´╗┐ he says.. does that make him wrong?

FaraOn86 says:

“it may look better……but´╗┐ it is not.” I don’t understand the whole proposition, what does he say there?thank you

jeanettecortes says:


joaocardoso123 says:

But what happens if one of the instruments´╗┐ are badly played..? together they won’t bring about a harmonious melody… but if the two know how to play, their music will be a masterpiece ­čÖé

Kakarot21591 says:

Yes, that’s exactly what he is saying. BUT they each recognize their own individual beauty and they do not forget that it exists inside the harmony.´╗┐ Sure harmony is nice, but it is not a NECESSITY.

southcoaster says:

beautiful, but i’m not sure that i agree. while the flute may be beautiful and enjoyable, might not the flute player recognize that when he plays with the tabla accompaniment their music is´╗┐ more beautiful than it can be by itself? that it has more depth, more context?

2dandami2 says:

not a need but a luxury, a sharing… the only problem is that very few persons live their lives as a solo playing… and don’t even think about life in these terms.
I guess that’s why osho was the guru of the riches, because only rich people can reach´╗┐ this kind of awareness on the futility of many things!

gargoor says:

send it to them by email, later in´╗┐ time it’ll strike them uncounsciously , some may look they are into clubbing but deep down there they do it just to remove the pain they living in, they r in desperate need of truth more then u and me, share the truth without caring, if they laugh ,u will be mor epowerful and thankfult hat god shared such knowledge with u and took u out of the ignorance they are living in and u will be more sympathetic towards them bcz they dont know nd u knw

thinkingman90 says:

i am opening my mind so much life is becoming so´╗┐ so…..clear so to speak, to some to be clear would be boring, maybe they like life to be like muddy water… because no two people are the same.. i can truely say im free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HWArnis says:

I recommend you to never do that unless you havent changed yourself and becomed an example. Otherways people will´╗┐ reject that. That’s like with 9/11 Truthers. Those folks go around screaming and blaming others. Yet – they are the ones who make anger instead love. So just start with yourself. Others will change ­čÖé

ArmenianBeatboxer says:

I wish I´╗┐ could share this with at least one of my friends…. sadly all of them are club whores and party cats so they will just laugh at me… wtf man… wtf.

masranirajesh says:

thats exactly my´╗┐ story…..

lumimobb says:

i just wish more people had this knowledge.´╗┐ there egos have them confused, so its messing it up for us, same as we are messing it up for them.

popkocher says:

I wish I´╗┐ could

osho50 says:

osho unul dinte cei putini care iubea ´╗┐ oamenii.

scaramoucheichigo says:

he has a point here, indeed we could love only when we respect the other’s freedom.. only then we could play both of us in a´╗┐ duet !

MrNobodyNothing says:

Such clarity and insight is rarely heard.
Thank´╗┐ you, Osho! ­čÖé

Bassdag says:

Hermos├şsimo,´╗┐ gracias!

virendra81991 says:

love you´╗┐ osho

hannaremnant says:

love is not a feeling, but an act of the´╗┐ will…a commitment to the well-being and emotional growth of the other…

dutchiedrown says:

realy´╗┐ truth

shion255 says:


gabicata19 says:

100 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

marikowar says:

He does have a good sense of humor. I often´╗┐ chuckle when I’m reading his books.. ­čśë

cooldiponline says:

love you my beloved´╗┐ Master.. ((ÔÖą))

11aeon11 says:

Osho’s´╗┐ words have always spoken directly to my being, they cut right to the heart and become true and meaningful, Thank you Osho

essm says:

is there someone´╗┐ who has the transcription?

JackHighlander says:

i adore osho & his style & teachings, but given the context here, i just couldn’t help but wonder whether the part about the solo flute player was an underhanded´╗┐ masturbation joke.

Mindpetals says:

This is such a powerful lesson. A lesson that has and will always confirm my own inner truth. How beautiful this poem is. How lovely these´╗┐ words. Thank you for this blessing, my dear OSHO.

TheOverfiendDj says:

Very good.Osho is just like the the great spiritual teachers´╗┐ with his own uniqueness

paresweet says:

Best one. I love osho.maybe ‘love’ word is not enough to express how much I love him.
I won’t comment on what he says, it’s not very important for me but one should look into his eyes if she/he wants to experience joy, peace, no-thought´╗┐ to all.

dpkmbn says:

I knew little bit of this somewhere deep down in my heart…….but don’t had such a clear idea of this thought (alone). Now i am fully satisfied with this logic………it had made my doubts very clear. Hope i could remember this all the time and apply it on ma life……so that ma life will get more easy to live….and i will be´╗┐ better to deal with people around………thanx for the upload………

tanpm0620 says:

YES YES´╗┐ YES! Thank you. This one will stick forever!

mountfish says:

Suddenly I feel independent.´╗┐ and Free. And Complete. As I am. ­čÖé

persini says:

so true and awesome :-)´╗┐

aakashc40 says:

osho´╗┐ is greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

134being says:

Alone´╗┐ al-one

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