OSHO: I Wonder If This Could Be Love?

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OSHO International Foundation – www.osho.com Excerpts from an Interview with Mike Wolfe KBND Radio, Bend, Oregon. “I am destroying the whole idea of the separation, of a split between matter and mind, body and soul, materialism and spiritualism.” — This video is available for translation as part of the OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project. Join the project as a translator at www.oshotalks.info — http


AXharoth says:

u can have luxory if u dont have problems with it

fonsecatheoneandonly says:

What is the name of the music until the 00:22? 🙂

all0izz0well says:

sorry but i m confused abt osho. i read couple of books of osho and i really respect the fact that he wrote facts of life. But some time i think he is a con man after listening that he has rolls royce and a diamond watch. I got the point of osho that he wants to represent both the east and west culture. But still… The buddha was not having any of this… The chair where osho sat in this video is also luxurious… Sorry but I m so confused abt his personality.

Hemachandran hemu says:

this man’s speech is mesmerising


I Love this interview ….Thanx to your daddy also…WONDERFUL

deren2001 says:

I really like the interviewer. He is right to the point, pushing Osho to the edge without being unrespectful or creating a tense atmosphere.

TheNin0007 says:

Have you ever actually had one and did all that cool stuff they talk about? Or did u just read about it as i did? 🙂

ccc407 says:

Your Dad, did an amazing job interviewing OSHO. I’m sorry you did not get a chance to know your father better. The best way to get to know him is to look inside yourself. I’m sure you not only look like your Dad 😉

loveleenjuicyqueen says:

he was brilliant, you can tell they were both having a good time 😉

kirimikium says:

My dad looks like OSHO, but I never knew him either.

brandon wolfe says:

my dad is the man interviewing him. wish i knew him before he died.we look alike

ButtMonger801 says:

have an out of body experience and find out 😉

CJ Hutchison says:

“Washington DC, Colorado… so I’ve travelled a bit”

I struggle to not laugh at that

qristto says:

Is there anything else than “physical reality”?

BareHugs101 says:

mike wolfe kills it. As does osho.

SergeiSMel says:

thanks for that video with subtitles. It helps to better understand what Osho says

sonika8u says:

hatts off to osho. he speaks so good n logical

NSJMculture says:

he meant that soul cannot exist without body in this physical reality … obviovusly

BurntCatMedia says:


Translations4Wisdom says:

That reporter got blush with Osho’s invitation to his bathroom! LOL!

Rabbitfish87 says:

The soul cannot even be sensed. It can only be.

mnemoniccourier says:

28 people dont want to see Oshos bathroom. 🙂

mnemoniccourier says:

03:07 Its from here it starts to get really funny. Osho really plays around with that reporter. lol 😀

HybridDragons says:

This is funny, but the truth is, OSHO is avoiding the question.

Marymette24 says:

Good to notice!

tutifruitiiland says:

jaja so funny

nilavera says:

איזה גדול אושו

Joac0018 says:

The soul cannot be seen. The soul cannot be heard. How would you then know the soul if it cannot be seen or heard?
– It can only be sensed. The body is where the soul rests. Without the body there is no soul to be sensed.
and without the soul the body would have no purpose
– just like be an empty shell.

FrankCastilla says:

Osho said “the soul can’t exist without the body”. Does anybody know what he meant by that? Anybody familiar with Osho here?

PorroFirst says:

I would have never guessed 10 minutes had passed.. I was so sucked into the conversation.

GodofSaturn says:

A True Son of India .. Osho

hom30tfe says:

And what was that question about?

CuttyKitty1 says:

I love the spontaneity of the interviewer & Osho too of course. 2.20: Busted! 4.30: Destroyed! 😀 lol fun and games.

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