OSHO: The Rule of a Barbarous Society

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OSHO International Foundation – www.osho.com Osho is asked to comment on the death penalty. This is a ten minute excerpt from a longer talk “The death penalty is a degrading proof of … all man’s inhumanity to man. It shows that man is still living in the barbarous age. Civilization still remains an idea — it has not become a reality.” This video is available for translation as part of the OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project. Join the project as a translator at: www.oshotalks.info — http


sayed afnan says:

i love this osho

AliAZ83 says:

Of course it’s “effective”. Robbing a bank is also an effective way of making money. But that doesn’t mean it’s right, and that doesn’t mean you have actually solved your problem. All you’ve done is POSTPONED the problem. You’ve taken a pill against the symptoms, so that you don’t need to face the cause of the disease. This is serving humanity just as much as taking pain killers is serving your body.

VickyVicVicx says:

anyone is capable of those disgusting acts. You have no idea what that criminal may have been put through to be so hurt and angry as to do that.

cristianvasquez64 says:

Mi segundo maestro será siempre osho el primero sere siempre yo

francolopez100 says:

por favor traduzcan mas capitulos de osho para nosotros los latinos

babane09 says:

‘Killing certainly is a crime’ George Bush and Tony Blair are CRIMINALS. Thank you Osho.

MrLimbomo says:

… then.. we are a society of blinds…living in deep darkness…

IndyCarDriver says:

when I read the title I actually thought it was about Osho’s opinion on Neoliberal world…Neoliberalism and barbarism to me are great synonyms and If Osho was alive, I’d ask him what’s his opinion on the World we see today, fully delivered to an obscure entity called market…the decadent society that will evolve from it, will it either cling on Aristotelian thought, marxist thought or decisively to the eastern transcendentalism? Only Osho could answer us.

schlumbucket says:

Death penalty isn’t just revenge, it has a 100% success rate of preventing repeat crimes by the same individuals. This IS a primitive, barbarous society. A pedophile doesn’t just rape a little boy once. They do it again & again until you kill them or until you lock them up & throw away the key. Most effective thing to do now is just kill them. The greatest sin against humanity is not the execution of these criminals, but allowing them free to claim further victims.

sreeshankarlal says:

The problem with death penality is it reduces competition. We should not arrest criminals but live with them, this will help us improve our abilities and become stronger and not be a victim of an attack or theft.

Dalveerpanwar08 says:

death panalty is realy sick brain thought

bichode7cabecas says:

eye for an eye makes it right

ThaWinBlog says:

It’s incredible that people cannot see how idiotic that is, the notion of killing someone simply in the same way the person killed someone. It’s strange that we go on to become the murderer. It’s bizarre.

Takiado says:

if one is happy… they cannot have the need to make harm. This is why we must open our own eyes… Look within yourself for the answers.

metaknowledge2010 says:

– the question my friend is what you would do! don’t look elsewhere for solutions. what would I do I hear you ask, this needs much thought because man has murdered ever since he opened his eyes!

Ajorme says:

to kill someone you’ve completely detached yourself from humanity. it’s not an easy thing to do. you’ve divorced yourself completely from reality. killing in society is a symptom of a serious illness of the collective mind. therefore people should NOT be in jails, rather they should be in a hospital or better yet, in a loving communal environment from the moment of conception. we were not always this way. something traumatic happened to us during our course here and we’ve never fully recovered.

ryzardini says:


roobinatorification says:

Great advice but peace doesnt solve everything people live to manipulate society therefore compassion cant be used so eagerly

tedoymisojos says:

I wonder what he proposes to do with the murderer/criminal, that may keep on being a burden on everybody, inflicting fear and suffering.

xXPinkGoddessXx says:

Who’s to say that a quick, painless death is worse than living in an isolated rape cage for the rest of one’s life? I find the latter much crueller and more unusual.

LionNativo says:

existe una traducción en español?
muy agradecido estaría

zarchiel11 says:

Hmmmm evil can never be destroyed by evil, it cannot be destroyed because the act of violence that is requiered to destroy something is in it self evil.

TheAqui1a says:

His phone bill must be fucking massive. “Hello… darling….. I’ll be.. home…. ….. soon.”

0Oclockmusic says:

But the laws of a society are meant to represent the values of that society. So if our laws allow us to kill someone, then what kind of people do those values breed? ? ? Perhaps we will stop having murderers if our own laws do not approve of it. It is simple hypocrisy. And it is NOT a practical solution to protect anyone. The death penatly has not stopped murder.

nijubz says:

” we gotta a thousand points of light for the foriegn land – we gotta a kinder gentler  machine gun hand” Neil Young

jalbroven91 says:

So are you saying that the western way is correct? Meditaion does have mental and physical benefits. I believe that has been proven and western thinking is starting to accept some of these ideas. I’m not saying that there is a correct path. But are you saying you disagree with meditation, ect? I’m not trying to argue, I am just curious

labanfuri says:

My beloved master :-)

phaedruslive says:

pure logic? and how; pray tell, does one tell the difference between two unquantifiable properties? by perhaps creating and appropriating value based on ones belief not weighing the two based on factuality.
it is the way of all men to assume their path is the correct one.

phaedruslive says:

pure logic? and how; pray tell, does one tell the difference between two unquantifiable properties? by perhaps creating and appropriating value based on ones belief not weighing the two based on factuality.
it is the way of all men to assume their path is the correct one.

urusol says:

subtitle in spanish please !! good luck !!

nyartmaker says:

Jail is not merely to punish, but protect others from being victims again. Anyone has a better solution?


In the west , Yoga , zen & these things are looked upon as ilogic and mysterious , its rather the only form of pure logic , commonsense we have on earth.

Gieszkanne says:

I totaly agree with you. I like him a lot but to follow up this logic, jails are also crime so….! Its crime to take away somebodys freedom. Osho is here inconsistent with his regular philosophy that its not the matter what you are doing than rather in what consciousness. If you kill for hate or money its crime. If you kill to protect the society other humans,live! its not.

BurntCatMedia says:

That system of thought probably has something to do with the fact that a person who is completely asleep and out of it cannot help anyone to “rehabilitate”

rideforever says:

What is civilized !!!!! Being polite when you drop bombs ?

rahlzel says:

I agree with much of what this man says, but this is one subject he and I will never agree on.

He talks about the death penalty as being murder by the society. I agree in part that society shouldn’t need to murder a criminal, because we should be civilized instead of barbaric, but in an uncivilized world, evil must be destroyed. If you allow evil to continue, you’re just as evil, because you allow a murderer to continue taking life.

ashthegreat says:

Who are you to say it is necessary?
You are closed-minded.

ashthegreat says:

Who is “ill”? Just because they’re different doesn’t mean they’re wrong.
It’s unlikely for a person to have a great mind power and yet have the full power to restrain it.
It’s like putting a plane engine on a car.

hectorh29 says:

Last thing sorry for rambling on. I also think in america that its better to not be introspective and question the system. its better to simply follow the socially constructed world. I mean look at all the people that make Jesus out to seem a capitalist and the churches that during elections say jesus would not for this or that candidate. Its crazy. The man didnt live in the kind of world we do.

hectorh29 says:

I met a guy who overseas the prisons in Michigan.He says that the reality is that no one cares to rehabilitate.That prisons are thier to punish and make money. These is 1 of the issues but the issue for me is beyond this it starts with a pollutated society and home atmosphere. The question is why are these environment so bad and why do we not care? In america its all about the money and competition.Its probably cheaper and takes less time and effort to kill someone then to actually help them.

reggiebae says:

This man’s mind is outstanding!!!!!
Can you understand him?
Really understand him?
Do you have the big mind to understand what he is trying to tell you?

8thArmada says:

i understand the logic.. but we humans haven’t figured out a way to treat the psychologically ill. we should work towards that.. instead of building bigger prisons.. or sending people to damn nursing homes..

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