ONE WORLD (OSHO Meditation Minutes)

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In the name of the collective the individual, the real, has always been sacrificed. – Osho OSHO International Foundation –


1980theone says:


popkocher says:

fuck yeah

nicksalius says:

Prima c’erano i sottotitoli ed avevo aggiunto il filmato nel mio blog con il “codice da incorporare”. Ora, invece, c’è la trascrizione contestuale che però si può visualizzare solo su YouTube. Bene! Ma nei blog in lingua diversa dall’inglese chi li aggiunge più? Secondo me è uno svantaggio … Ciao, grazie.

pipicarli says:

may God(the father,jesus and holy spirit)bless you

chin2seju says:


GDragon9666 says:

ain’t that the truth!

yelyarb says:

What is power?

joelsdollar says:

Nice imagery …  thnx.


brutus301 says:

Man has followers because most of mankind isn’t willing to accept that they are the makers of their own destiny. Therefore, to avoid this responsibility, people choose to put their existences in the hands of another.

Rowdizzle08 says:

outled your retarted

outled says:

Ive just found osho’s vids today and its intriguing. I do however see one glaring contradiction in all this, if everyone is supposed to be an individual then why does this man have followers? Its the gold watch i saw in one of his vids that worried me. If i disagree with everything he says (which i dont btw) then i am being an individual !? And lastly perhaps osho is selling the government line anyway, because removal of nations would not disband government, but rather make it more powerful.

Phonologie says:

We are living in the universe of the
un-repeat-able things, all things are unique. As me, there is nobody, my way is only one. Every day is unique, every breathe is unique, every human, every stone… There is nothing repeated in this universe.

kuuuuul20 says:

so true..

randineshkumar says:

screen flicker u cant understand osho because u tied up with ur religion belief u can understand if possible meditate and try to understand and dont accept anyone belief even bible , osho , quran or any other things, religion was misunderstand by people they just believed they dont experienced god,

screenflicker1 says:

are you enlightened?

thesteilmann says:

man this pics are killing me .. a traveller …

MrReggaeSamurai says:

be enlightened, and you will have it all figured out yourself. felted out yourself. manifested out yourself.

MrReggaeSamurai says:

The individual is the way!!!! The individual is the way!!!!

treecademic says:

all what you think about this video is your own missery,because if you love it you love a picture of what you don,nt like.

qumrran says:

good photos ….

chandrakavi says:

This is OSHO an Enlightened Master’s view, NOT the unenlightened ILLUMINATI VISION New World Order (NWO) which seeks only destruction. The individual is the way.

prabeer says:

One world….Great concept.
This seems a bottom-up approach. To put stress on individual and with conscious individual, the society will be good automatically. Not the other way round….i.e. to sacrify individual for society.

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