OSHO: The Compulsion to Reach Power

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The conditionings by society are a hindrance, a distraction, a misuse of a natural longing for growth. Every child is born to grow and to flower. — “Your concern will be that your being is only a seed. With birth you are not born as a tree, you are born only as a seed, and you have to grow to the point where you come to flowering, and that flowering will be your contentment, fulfillment. This flowering has nothing to do with power, nothing to do with money, nothing to do with politics. It has something to do absolutely with you; it is an individual progress.” — This video is available for translation as part of the OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project. — Join the project as a translator at: www.oshotalks.info — OSHO International Foundation www.osho.com


alekid says:

“Reaching” anything is the social conditioning we received since childhood, through indoctrination (that they call “education” by mixing poison with honey to make it less unpleasant). Osho says that your true nature isn’t any of this. You are what you are seeking, but your upbringing is being distracted by “reaching” elsewhere, never satisfied.
You already know, you just have to remember.

smallpotatoes989 says:

wow that is deep. I do not understand him…yet. Fredrick said that main instinct of a man is to reach power but yet none of our ancestor lived like that becouse they were tu busy to taking care of survival. maybe this compulsion came with civilization? I HAVE TO KNOW AND I WILL!!!

sangeeta963 says:

Absolutely true , what a master , a beautiful lotus in a filthy environment . All he said is true …as one meditates inner depths are explored and with the inner light /enlightenment contentment comes and rests in the heart 4 ever . And one keeps on meditating …on to the last breath …

ibot33 says:

Simply the greatest Teacher ever…

SepticArtPRODUCTIONS says:


alterbridgefan08 says:

Whether or not his teachings are realistic for our society, everything this man says is how things SHOULD be and how they were meant to be 🙂

BrainwashedHumanity says:

You have never been accepted by your parents, teachers, neighbors, society as you are. Everybody was trying to improve upon you. To make you better. Constant conditioning against you – has created in you. the idea, ” I am not enough as I am” something is missing And I have to be somewhere else not here. This is not the place I am supposed to be. but somewhere higher, more powerful, more dominant, more respected, more well known. ~Oshoo

XxMoeJoeFlowxX says:

add a turkish translation at this video please! my favorite Osho Video i will show this my turkish familiy and friends.
this is a great video a great men!
wonderfull blessed Osho quotes!

XxMoeJoeFlowxX says:

reach your home…

sangeeta963 says:

Wonder if people can really hear with their inner ear which is listening, this great man a real buddha really will never be born in this diamention ever again – Totally fearless , totally free, totally his own master – a true yogi , N AVERAGE NON MEDITATOR CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS SAYING.

Dejan Nikolovski says:

i love how he’s rocking a Rolex on this!

Jean C Blanco Otero says:

Osho always make me think jejeje

Caonabban says:

the leader who changed my life..

ravi43762 says:

i love aditat

RBNBLS says:

Osho mijn mooiste ontdekking, geen religie geen guru ‘gewoon” een wijs mens die je wakker en liefdevol houdt.

abrandnewman says:

i have missundertood a lot of things, osho is a wise man. thanks for those words

themindishard says:

he seems to have a lot of colorful collections of chair. thanks for shearing his videos with us.

daysilu says:

Osho is the only one who talks truth on earth. Me talk truth now about osho i know

Blanchefort1 says:

Osho is true.

MrerBeppe says:

Osho is the best

frankcqIII says:

Thank you Osho! I have been enlightened from this video. Now, I can continue on my journey to success purely for my own individual improvement.

branding111 says:

Osho is pure love. Thank you! You have changed my life to a positive way. Thank you

nytk33p3r says:

pure light, and love osho… powerfull words, from 1 of the wisest men, to ever walk the earth… peaceout

maheshdubariya says:

OSHO is always Great to watch and listen! his speech is always heart touching 

TheHoffmanHouse says:

lol what do you mean he believes in nature, or course he does don’t you? You see it everywhere around you. He also believes in god but not the kind of god you know about.

grungeboy90s says:

25 people were socially conditioned

amodjindal says:

zindgi safal ho gayi

NelsonLeeds says:

Only a limited amount of stuff to post when dude’s body died 20+ years ago!

MrRajan346 says:

great mind research. only a peaceful mind can do this.

sallyb4441 says:

wonderful !

fuss400 says:

where did you look it up on the interent

AnimeMangaKing says:

world of paradox….sigh

richrolln says:

I looked up Osho’s birthday on the Mayan Calendar and I must say his Galactic Tone being 9 and Sign being Seed explains alot about him that I’m sure the Mayans were very accurate. 9 is the energy of getting a better perspective of the bigger picture were patience and perseverance is found. Seed people strive to free themselves and others from debt or oppressive patterns of the past. Public defenders who work toward uniting community by discovering hidden traps and secret influences of others

premtoshan says:

晚來唯好靜,萬事不關心。Everybody wants to conquer others just because they have been crazy (not accepted as they are) and just let them do any stupid things. Now I ACCEPT everything that is happening and forget trying to make it better.

Muizz1987 says:

Osho you think you only the truth about truth. What are you know about truth?

Tugla says:

Osho is the first truth, a rare flower. His thinking way has transformed my life to a paradise.

earthsoulful says:

I strongly agree. Children are being taught at present that they need to be what society dictates to them on television, from their peers etc. And children are labeled now with all kinds of disorders that alienate them from others making them feel “nor normal”. I blame the present school system to a degree, and mass media, which caters to people who think success is monetary gain and fame.

patidarmanoj321 says:

Simply awesome thoughts against present society which creates hindrances for children to be their natural best.

towhidskynet says:

the difference between osho and I is he believes in nature, I believe in a being called ‘God’.

hearing this speech makes me cry when I heared ‘ i am not accepted as I am’

manologameface says:

One can never know what us popular kids actually go through. What you are describing is yet another form of prejudice due to what you gather is the truth. Even being a close friend to a popular kid you can never know what life is like behind closed doors and especially what is going on in that person or those people’s minds. Simplicity is the seed of genius, an observation made by many great people. Have a great day

cheatdath says:

anti social wins

kentucy9999 says:

Utter hogwash. People aspire to power and prestige because they like it. They like the “control” and the recognition. Think back to your childhood. Many of the “kids” who were the best students, the best athletes, the best looking ones who got all the girls………..many of them loved deeply by their parents aspired to power and prestige. Why? Because they liked it. They liked the attention. They liked the feeling it gave them. His utterances are simplistic and stupid.

dankoveza says:


TrueLondongal says:


DCFunBud says:

Very powerful message.

evka24 says:

his insight into human psyche is amazing!

didikh says:

well said

mcfurly says:

osho has some good words to say, but i dont understand the “cut the social conditioning” thing when he has followers that wear orange robes.

metaknowledge2010 says:

always magical - always Osho


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