OSHO: Allow Silence to Grow (Preview)

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The full video of 27 minutes is now available for rental at www.YouTube in the US and Canada (other countries will follow) — These are excerpts from rarely seen interviews between Osho and members of the international Press. Journalists from all over the world would meet him and these are some selected highlights to enjoy. Osho’s direct and insightful approach infused with his unique humor is not to be missed. — In this interview Osho responds to the following question: — You have described silence and aloneness as the greatest bliss possible in life. Yet, your friends, live in communes around you. How can they best experience the benefits of silence, aloneness and communal living? — This video is available for translation as part of the OSHO TALKS Video Translation Project. — Join the project as a translator at: www.oshotalks.info — OSHO International Foundation www.osho.com


BurntCatMedia says:

Osho has said that the only way to help the poor is to let them all die or help 100 percent. A watch does nothing, that is simply stupid.

christianvandeurs says:

I like and understand OSHO’s words, but I still thing he should exchange his big Diamond watch, and Donate the money to Africa 😉

Topgeneral3070 says:

sure thing !

OSHOInternational says:

Please subscribe to our channel

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