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This is a very cool original animation by Louis Lefebvre which chronicles the evolution of Consciousness from its inanimate state into human form and then back through spiritual seeking to Oneness. Its inspiration is the spiritual teaching of Wayne Liquorman and Ramesh S. Balsekar. Courtesy of


JasonJason210 says:

Awareness needs an object to be aware of, like light needs an object to shine upon in order to become manifest. But light alone is invisible,. Only when it contacts something is the surface perceived. So really, but the object and the awareness are the same thing. In my view the Universe is full of this “light” (Higgs-Boson field maybe?) and that’s all there is. It’s this uneveness that is makes all the structures of the universe possible, and that is what is represented in this video.

JasonJason210 says:

I don’t think you’ll find a satisfactory conceptual explantation. As I understand it, Nis uses awareness and consciousness differently. Sometimes he uses them to mean pretty much the same thing, with consciousness just being a more advanced form of awareness. Then you have self-awareness, which means consciousness of self.

MultiCocreator says:

Perfect :)

ivovazov says:


blazedballa420 says:

a profound, powerful and deep metaphor on collective consciousness

FearThisChannel says:

I find this notion of “awareness” (in the sense where Nisargadatta Maharaj uses it as “beyond consciousness) very misleading and confusing.

Awareness still is something “being aware”. It has a specific function, namely being aware, and therefore it still has duality in it. I read once he spoke of something being even “beyond awareness” but I didn’t really get much of that.

Can anyone clarify this for me, please?

Msbehaving2010 says:

Oh, the human condition?

talkinghead22 says:

“Consciousness” is sometimes used to designate that singular energetic force which seems to give rise to all manifest “reality” in this context. Spirit and consciousness can be very misleading words to use with regard to nonduality, but then again so are all words- utterly futile at describing “this”…

giovaniprodan3 says:


darklighter82 says:

uhh what is this? its not spirit its not about consciousness. its about a blob hatching from a blob egg which morphes into a gilitine (spelling?) that it then tries to climb and negotiate with…wtf

TheKiwiPants says:

your ego is the thought and you think that’s who you truly are, when in actuality you were the oneness all along.

pearsc5d says:

i think i say ,i say i think .i think i FARTED !
sniff sniff , yep ,i think i am right .

dashmasterful says:

profound, it is beyond belief how 55 people can dislike this

ItsChristianLol says:

Being naked is evil?

rootsjack says:

Yes it points

mirjamirjam says:


MrDivineEnergy says:

In the old Comm Workshop during the era of est (72-84) the phrases as they were called starting out as: Creating Creating, Being/Self, Creating not-self, etc.

Zenman1976 says:

roflmao nice one.. I Should listen to myself more often I think >_<

TheWezzo124 says:

@Zenman1976 and @yogurtking…Will you two stop arguing with yourself 🙂

williamahumphrey says:

I love this video. It takes in to consideration most concepts of creation. Quantum Philosophy: Meanings Answers and Promises is the yang to this videos ying with added new views and concepts. Altimetry with these new concepts it is easy to realize that consciousness did create the universe.

nomobius1 says:

Great Video!

Zenman1976 says:

LOL like I give two shits what you think about me. You’re obviously so much more enlightened than any “westerner” that categorising an entire portion of the population by using such a phrase obviously transcends any racist connotations within your superior intellect. All you do is judge others yet when someone retorts you whine like a child. How is my comment “self absorbed” when I made NO mention of myself and am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of YOUR own “personal remarks”.

Jeffrey Lee Robinson says:

wow, I love how the “at peace” and “oh so spiritual” are the first to condescend and act haughty and wise. That’s always entertaining. Of course, you are unable to counter my comments. No, Zenman(), debate is healthy, encourages ideas and exploration; Since you cannot counterpoint my comments with nothing but self absorbed personal attacks – If your points can only be defended by such personal remarks, they probably aren’t worth much to begin with.

Zenman1976 says:

your words here show you lack any real understanding of your own.. If you did then regardless of your thought of this video, you would not feel the need to admonish anothers perception in the generalised manner you have used here.

It is a spiritually stunted state of mind to do so.. Pure folly that smacks of superiority.. Dont get me wrong, I am no master myself but I can see well enough those who think they are but have yet to reach even a halfway point.

Jeffrey Lee Robinson says:

death or non-existence is not “peace.” A still lake is still in motion. Oh, how westerners take something like taoism and make it black and white just like the religions they thought they left. You can take the choir boy out of the church, but you can’t take the church out of the choir boy.

Jeffrey Lee Robinson says:

consciousness “at rest” makes no sense; it is by definition, never at rest. I’m all about eastern thought, but westerners are constantly injecting their residual religious ideas into something they pretend to understand.

stfuuuuuuuuu says:

we are two then

guitarplayer714 says:

can’t wait to get back inside that ball!

hkurtblache says:

this video makes clear thoughts can express immediate desired potential &are not necessarily perceptiion of existential reality &are a catalyst to it… … …

hkurtblache says:

conscious is occurring here now presently &is each individuals interpetation of existential reality&is manipulated as far as possible to accord with subjective desire… … …which as it must accords with here now personal essence… …striving to realize instinctual subjective hyperspacial reality in the here now present by presenting as such into the occurring of objective existential reality…accord to’MY QUANT. PSYCHOPHIL. EACH MUST NECESSARILY GRASP THIS…TO MAXMIZE THEIR OWN POTENTIAL

MikeRoePhonicsMusic says:

I’m 31 years old and what is this

Ellie Roozdar says:

The best! Thanks for posting the message of the Truth!


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