Typography Motion Video “conscious”

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www.NickSchrunk.com Undergrad project using motion graphics portraying the unconscious mind drifting into a dream state and finally coming to awareness within it. Done entirely with After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and logic pro. Blue screen footage shot specifically for project, thanks to actor Amy Meyers for her help acting. All other elements self generated. Actual size is 1080×720 at 29.97. This is from my scholarship show for the University of Northern Iowa. Special Thanks to Andre Lipsey for the audio remix. www.myspace.com HD version here: www.vimeo.com


dagreenkiwi says:

i think this is absolutely beautiful, so well done, thank you for posting it.

RuskArts says:

Please come check out our Free Professional Graphics!<3

hieldjiv says:

Wish there was an HD version.

SuperwortelMotion says:

awesome.. how long you finish this motion?

youastonishme says:

I love the slow motion of the birds in flight!

enzOfake says:


Mr707Tycoon says:

this would be a great idea for a motion title sequence, Can you view my videos please, I like your style and could use some advice.

ALovelyLullaby says:

I really liked this. It was captivating and very, very well-thought-out. However, I didn’t like the fact that the actor was included. Anyways, how many different songs did you splice together? What were they?

tinchenmizz says:

`That must be very hard to make ?…nice work !

captainboaz says:

nice vid well done

mandatum1979 says:

Very nice.

whitmanrilke says:

After Effects Expressions and Javascript for Expressions would be one way that it could be done. Since you have some experience and background with Flash ActionScript, the Javascript and AE Expressions would be do-able.

JorunnMusil says:

How did you get the type to fly?! This is great 🙂

belgianmod says:

i agree with mknee123… black and white are super confusing “colors.” really hard to understand–please adjust.

hairypp says:

im looking for the kinetic typography where a guy is buying lima beans? Need help please, badass video btw

ovidiupatronu says:

for the letters you made the animation for each one or there’s a simpler way?

mknee123 says:

hard to look at. I am not a fan of the colors

signbrat01 says:

so mind blowing CAN U BE MY TEACHER!!!!!! i wish u are….. T^T

Voutshy says:

Awesome animations

But its like on scene in Spongebob;)

niky092 says:

fab work! i love the music

godfellas123 says:

buying (hahahahahahha) Aftereffekts and doin tutorials… 😉

AichaBlueSky says:

how do i learn to do something like this?

Sean2122dd says:

oh hi can i hire you?

squody3015 says:

Very creative and cool! Nice use of the particle system too, but I’ve tried ‘drawing’ on After Effects and I’m confused on how to do that (I’m new give me a break!).

wldesigns says:

This is really sweet!

LazerMax22 says:

who’s the girl?

bbfilmsclips says:

particle system

superjooo says:

this must have taken a shit load of time rendering

ThisIsRandal says:

How do you do the floating letters!!! Please reply!!! Is it just key frames for like each letter or something? lol or its an effect? Please tell me! I really want to know!

JorshItUp says:

very surreal

chris512 says:

At 1:15 the females body cuts off on the right side. I didn’t notice any “Coming of Awareness” but never-the-less this video is visually pleasing to me & I say kudos. ha. Good luck.

adelfx says:

whats the name of the first song?

coldfustion says:

i can understand how most of this was done.. but how the hell do u make tree’s in after effects??! can sum1 tell me?? and brilliant!!

xixtiam0xix says:


uribecristian says:

I would but my graphic card sucks and it doesn’t run. Thanks for answering.

FranDias says:

Try Adobe After Effects

elianenaaman says:

i loved it !!

uribecristian says:

W o n d e r f u l J o b. I am starting to develop my own kinetic Typography and I would like to know if you could tell me what’s the best software to do it. Right now i am working with Sony Vegas 8.

wytherwings says:

oh that is awesome!!

nothingrevolutionary says:

this is too fucking cool.

jrdfreckles11 says:

simply beautiful.<3

menduza says:

gotta love this 😛

smartbluecat says:

this is amazing! Wow!

thetubemeister says:

Love the progression of this/ use of music 🙂

what effect is that floating text?

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