Motion design clip made by c-md students inspired by the “how to be creative” manifest by Hugh Macleod. (made by Toon Gorissen, Niek Kosten & Martijn Pillards) Learn from the pro’s how to advertise and market your product with outstanding creativity. Just check out these brilliant examples of visual creativity!
From Bipolarorwakingup Levels of Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics & Bipolar Disorder A look at bipolar disorder for a more humanistic or mystic school of psychology. Video posted on psychetruth channel with permission of original producer. [More]
In this video I share with you two quotes which when understood and applied can lift your consciousness, understand, and awareness to an entirely new and higher level. Do not be fooled by the simplicity [More] – Jonathan Parker is interviewed and elaborates on his unique and transformative “Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing & Enlightenment Classes” held in beautiful Ojai, CA. These classes teach ways of releasing limiting blocks, beliefs, and [More]
Neurologist Ramachandran talking about temporal lobe epilepsy and god. Part 1.
Subscribe to our channel to be updated on latest episodes (It’s free!): Watch Part 2: Watch Part 3: Description: Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, addresses spirituality, consciousness, and leadership.* Drive, determination, [More]
From the works of Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. All scriptures can be classified in three ways. Shastras are written for the intellectual types. They give clarity on how to live your life. Stotras are for [More]
Wallace Black Elk, David Swallow Jr., Nathan Chasing Horse, spiritual leaders share Lakota insights and generational experience.