David Parrish talks about: – How Creativity and Business can be combined intelligently and sensitively to achieve business and creative success in a way whic…
Shows how the feelings of self-consciousness keep a high school boy from doing his class work well or making friends easily. The boy discovers many of his classmates suffer from similar feelings, but that several [More]
www.introspectus.eu This film was shot in India and Nepal, from east to west, from Dharamsala to Kathmandu, without the assistance of guides and porters. The two of us were evolving along holy Himalayan cities and [More]
This is a group or our congregants who told us why they come to our center; how it helps them, and how it has changed their lives. Thank you to all who participated. Blessings, Dr. [More]
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Were You There @ 2:21, Crown Him @ 7:00, 10000 Reasons @ 9:20, Forgiven Forever @ 17:09, Thank You God @ 23:35, Hallelujah Chorus @ 29:15.
from Maui, Hawaii. Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour www.juicylivingtour.com Dr. Jacob Liberman received a Doctorate of Optometry in 1973 from Southern College of Optometry, a Ph.D. in Vision Science in 1986 from The College of Syntonic [More]
http://bit.ly/hd4Tsh – Kabbalists have attained them all. But don’t take Perceiving Reality’s word for it… Test the method of Kabbalah upon yourself, and d…