How to Beat a Creative Funk, Tips for Writing, Motivation, Creativity by Katie, WriteByNight In this video Katie gives you a few great tips on how to get out a creative funk and tackle the [More]
Beautiful song and Old Photos from Oregon and Pune… Enjoy and Share… Love Vistar Jivan…
Replacement for previous video for doing a simple 5 card spread with the Osho Zen deck. Any oracle deck or tarot deck will work for this reading. For a large…
Ошо-медитационный ретрит 13-18сент.2011г. со Свами Ананд Аруном, Непал, в Буддийском ретритном Центре “Кунпенлинг” (Подмосковье).
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It is a photographers creativity that separates the stunning photographs from the rather ordinary ones. to see my tutorial. I believe that photography is about creativity rather than equipment and technical expertise. Enthusiasm, attention [More]
Meditation on the Torah, the prophets, and the writings of Jahushuwah’s (Yah-hoo-shoo-wah’s) disciples have shown that oppression of any kind, and in particular that of the IRS is the result of our not putting Jahuwah’s [More]