Interviews with Joseph Campbell, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard and Harrison Ford highlight this overview of George Lucas’ filmmaking career, with scenes from his films THX 1138, American Graffiti, the Star Wars (original) [More]
Music starts at about 1:15. This video is a compilation of footage consisting of different species of life which live through the consciousness that drives the universe, something I have come to realize as truth. [More]
Frequencies of Consciousness examines how images work in the human brain. From inner visualization to the creation of the universe, light, energy, consciousness, and duality. Frequencies of Consciousness is an ambient tuning of the radio [More]
Postmodern Times presents: The Frontiers of Consciousness- James O’Dea In this episode we interview the president of Institute Of Noetic Sciences, James O’ Dea who has devoted his life to studying the effects of trauma [More]
John Irving talks about growing up not knowing who his father was and how it has effected his work as a writer.
Consciousness Revolution, Hare Krishna Part 1 of 2
background track is “the mantra” by Tool My evil twin takes time out to come and visit me and share what the elites are really thinking about the state of the world.
Song : “Consciousness of Gravity” by Xisco Ponce Jr., written about the worst day in American history. This is a preview of the music video…dance routine to follow…
Christ Consciousness, Meditation