tip on managing the nagging doubts and guilt that creep in after the initial relief of breaking up with a partner that wasn’t a good fit for you. Learn how t…
www.jonathanparker.org – Jonathan Parker is interviewed and elaborates on his unique and transformative “Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healing & Enlightenment Classes” held in beautiful Ojai, CA. These classes teach ways of releasing limiting blocks, beliefs, and [More]
Thought awareness is one of the most important skills to practice because it opens the doors to all the other mental skills necessary for peak performance.
Ошо-медитационный ретрит 13-18сент.2011г. со Свами Ананд Аруном, Непал, в Буддийском ретритном Центре “Кунпенлинг” (Подмосковье).
The spiritual meaning of colors as published in the book “Colour Kingdom” by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). Watch the meaning of 52 colours, combined with a short poem. It’s amazing to know these meanings [More]
La gente vive en un sistema de esclavitud moderno, simplemente no tienen tiempo para pensar.