This video was actually my 7th video ever uploaded on to youtube over a year ago. As you can tell, it was only filmed on my webcam, in my room, when everyone…
Maybe just the end of the world as we know it. No, the world is not going to implode or explode or be completely destroyed in any form for that matter. 2012 … – From Dr PIllai’s website: Dr. Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic f… On December 21, 2012 when the Earth moves fully into the photon belt and the solstice sun is in alignment with the Galactic equator will you be ready for lift off, Into a state [More] This film was shot in India and Nepal, from east to west, from Dharamsala to Kathmandu, without the assistance of guides and porters. The two of us were evolving along holy Himalayan cities and [More]
Postmodern Times presents: The Frontiers of Consciousness- James O’Dea In this episode we interview the president of Institute Of Noetic Sciences, James O’ Dea who has devoted his life to studying the effects of trauma [More]
The Road To Armageddon – A Spiritual Documentary (2012) – Official Trailer