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Explore and experience the sacred through color. Honor your spiritual journey with color as companion, with color as an opening into your spirituality.
Karma – Journey to Consciousness. Starring Tsering Dolkar, Any Yeshi Lhamo, Ani Aka, Mithla Sharma and Jampa Kalsang. Screenplay by Kesang Tseten from an original idea by Tsering Thitar Sherpa. Cinematography Ranjan Palit. Edited, Produced [More]
DVD’s now available online for worldwide purchase on Amazon UK! www.amazon.co.uk Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge outtake. Discussing personal spiritual journey from Rastafarianism to Kemetic teachings…. ——————————————————————- An outtake from the upcoming documentary. RELEASE MAY [More]
Some of you asked for more…luckily I was able to recover some lost footage. These scenes are funny stories about my great influences, my dad and my uncle Al. Love Light & LAUGHTER 😀 www.flowerandthegiant.com [More]