This is an awesome recipe video shot/edited by DJ Turner of . This video is to show you another Aspect of our Birthday Moveme…
Bipolar Disorder is a part of the Spiritual Evolution of humanity. Don´t believe me? Watch and learn!
OM Maha Deyvicha Vidmahay Vishnu Patnicha Deemahee Thanno Lakshmi Prachodayat For overall spiritual abundance and to invoke the goddess of prosperity, wealth…
Pavan Choudary On Three Expressions Of Love – Ref. OSHO.
Osho examines the nature of compassion from a radically different perspective. He points out that “passion” lies at the root of the word, and then proceeds to challenge assumptions about what compassion really is. He [More]
OSHO International Foundation – Excerpts from an Interview with Mike Wolfe KBND Radio, Bend, Oregon. “I am destroying the whole idea of the separation, of a split between matter and mind, body and soul, [More]
OSHO International Foundation – The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. – Osho