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A simple exercise and an even simpler question to cause unheard of breakthroughs

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

I first did this exercise back in 1987. The 'result' stunned me. I found out that I saw myself 'not free'. More than that: I didn't see any freedom anywhere... any person who was free. Not my parents, not famous people... not anyone.

I used the methodology the course taught, but it didn't work for me. Then later I taught the methodology in my coaching practice.

It didn't work for my clients either.

This time around we are going about it a different way... and hopefully this time it will be both easier and faster... oops... not faster, but it will work.

I priced this workshop to be a serial undertaking, so you can go at it several times, and loosen up the stuck part of you, so you can finally have some power and freedom of movement in your life

The price you pay is for one session. At this time the sessions are given on Saturday afternoons, online.

Let's find out where you are stuck with the 3 wishes exercise
The replays are going to be available in my mobile app...

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