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Get Guidance from YOUR Future Self

From: Sophie Benshitta MavenSophie Benshitta Maven

A lot of people ask me for advice, guidance, help. I use all my abilities, I connect to Source, I muscle test... and my 'help' is pretty good... but nothing compared to what you can get from your Future Self...

Of course Future Self doesn't speak words... It speaks the language of dance, pantomime, show and tell... And in these workshops I connect to YOUR Future Self with you, and I am there to 'translate' those feelings, that language to a language you can understand.

You can do it on your own, but unfortunately your mind will interfere, even though you may actually know how to put yourself into an altered brain-state, Alpha or Theta. I teach those in the workshops.

Why would the mind talk instead of your Future Self? Because you are so incredibly insisting to live your life from the mind. Homo Sapiens to the core... until you are willing to give that up.

Because the mind either projects you into the stratosphere, where you can't possibly get to... or projects you to be the same, never change... So the mind's answer will not be a good guidance...

In the book I listened to and have given you access in my mobile app... the two dudes also connect their minds to Future Self...

How do I know? Because they want the kind of stuff that won't make them happy... I am a True Empath. And I can tell...

Regardless, you CAN get amazingly astute answers from your Future Self that considers you deeply, considers your limitations deeply, without judgment, and attempts to set you free first before it throws you into the lion's den. Your mind wouldn't care. The mind doesn't care.

Left to your mind's decision, you are destined to live a life of hit and miss... To live a life of quiet desperation... To live a life you cannot love, because you cannot live it powerfully.

Get guidance from your future self
The replays are going to be available in my mobile app...

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