Andy Shaw’s Bug free mind… The good, the bad, and the ugly.

don't try to change your mind and expect your being to change!

The bad:

The biggest flaw of Andy Shaw’s work is it’s starting point.

Andy Shaw considers the mind important: He holds, that if you can change your mind you can change everything.

Not so. The mind isn’t the problem.

Even if you could change your mind, change the content in your mind, nothing would change.

The determinant of your actions, your attitude, your moods, your feelings is NOT the mind, but your being.

This is all untrue



Being defines what can show up. Everything that doesn’t belong will be ignored. It’s like the milieu, the environment, that defines.

Opera House: someone showing up in dungarees doesn’t belong: must be a maintenance man… not an opera fan.

Someone who says: I love my job, in an environment of job haters, because owners are exploiters, is going to be considered a fake, and a joke, or ignored.

I just had an email conversation with a California publisher of spiritual books. Her vibration is 70.

My message to her was:

your vibration is 70. You feel like a wilting flower. The pain, grief, regret mainly is strong, brought tears into my eyes.

Your vibration is so low because you are on wrong path, you are leading with your mind, and not your strength.

I can’t do anything for you, only you can. You need to do some telling the truth about who you are, who you follow, who you associate with: those are the “things” that keep you stuck.

I could recommend Andy Shaw’s Creating a bug free mind, if you are willing to do the inner work of looking.

Her answer, consistent with what I said was:

Sorry Sophie,

I don’t buy that level of vibration at all! I’m mostly in a state of gratitude. But thanks.

She thinks she has changed her mind, and thinking that she is grateful, thinking what she is grateful for, has changed her being, but no, she is not grateful, because life isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. She is off-track, she is off-path.

You cannot influence your life by changing your mind, if you can, you can only dig yourself deeper.

The cause of beingness is a lot deeper than the mind, deeper than the subconscious, it is stored in muscle memory.

Beingness is kinesthetic.

So unless you come down from the mind into your body, you have no access to beingness, to alter your beingness, or to invent new beings.

consciousness-levelConsciousness is kinesthetic. Nothing to do with your mind. 1

Unless you “descend” to the center of your being, the body, you won’t have access to the faculty that can change how the world occurs, the space the world occurs in. Your life will remain the same.

Successful people have successful ways to be, their success does not come from their minds.

The entire culture of humans bows down in front of the mind, but the King is the body.

The ugly:

Because Andy has no idea what he is talking about, because his muscle memory is set to successful, but he teaches mind stuff… he is continuously in turmoil: he is on the wrong path, teaching what he can only teach bullcrap about.

But all the mind-centered, mind-religion people will listen to him, if they can tolerate his bad English.

The good:

If you are willing to make room for Andy’s English, Andy’s misunderstanding how it works, his work in taking you to phenomena that you practice and allow to use up your life, is very very useful.

I personally benefited from the re-visiting of the many unproductive ways I am, and even discovering ways I had not seen.

But I had to make room for the bad and the ugly… Can you do it?

If you can, Andy’s book can help you.

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  1. Gurus say heart, but they should be saying: body. The heart is part of the body, but you don’t “feel” in your heart, you feel everywhere else, but in the heart. Just another misleading b.s. that is poisoning you so you stay a “client” or “student” long long time.

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