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quantum jumping burt goldmanQuantum Jumping

Quantum Jumping is a technique. Burt Goldman calls it a visualization technique, but I call it a connect to all-of-it, a confer with all-of-it technique. A technique to ask a question of an alternative self of yourself, that has chosen a different path than the one you are on… a more rewarding path. I don’t believe in the subconscious mind… by the way.

There are three good things about this program:

  1. it teaches you, if I remember correctly, to get into alpha state by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

    If your head is in the right position, It actually takes you to first level of Tangerine Method connection… If… If your head is not in the right position, it doesn’t do anything…

  2. asking a question of your “doppel ganger” forces you to formulate a question, formulate what you need an answer for… an attitude, an action, and that is something you normally don’t do.

    you have vague questions as to how to get rich, or how to find someone to love you, but these questions require a novel as an answer, and you only have time to get a one sentence, one picture answer while you are conferring with your doppel ganger.

  3. the answer will definitely come from a space other than your mind, and it will surprise you. You’ll probably say: No, it didn’t work, because your don’t like the answer. Because what you were looking for is confirmation that you are ok, and that you are on the right track… or a handout.

    What you’ll get is an answer that can revolutionize your life… Who you are going to be, willing or unwilling, we’ll find out, won’t we?

Now, if you buy it through my link, I get a commission… so it makes sense to me to teach you something that will make the Quantum Jumping program even better for you.

For now, I can think of two things you’ll need help with: getting the right head position for real connection, and formulating the question. I’ll probably do that on a webinar… with a camera so you can see me doing it. And maybe pictures… You will need to come prepared. This, my webinar is worth at least as much as the whole Quantum Jumping program, and I have never taught it…

The Quantum Jumping program, I have bought it myself, is a bunch of audios teaching you, inspiring you to actually do the work…

It gets my seal of approval, because it is a technique that can wake you up.

MindValley is doing a promotion for the Quantum Jumping, and there will be a free webinar… Burt Goldman is safe, energetically, so you should go.

qjpromo2Here is the link to sign up… the call will be, on Tuesday 9 pm EST, April 14. There is an error on the page saying Thursday… but the time is Tuesday…

There will be replays for people who registered, so make sure they have your email.

Will I be there? No. So why I want you to be there? So you can get inspired to look somewhere other than your mind. And so you’ll have an excuse to connect to Source, at least on the first level.



PS: Burt Goldman’s vibration is 200. In spite of this, this technique is recommended.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “About Quantum Jumping… again”

  1. I don’t know Elide, I don’t know the Silva method. sorry.

    But… the only reason I recommend QJ, because it is not pure visualization. Visualization is a mind technique, and the more you do it, the more you stat divided and miserable.

    I like QJ for its moment of guidance… which cannot come from the mind.

    The mind is the enemy, that keeps you in desire, in unfulfillable desire, in duality

  2. Sophie, I’m happy to hear Burt is safe. I like his Daisy Pond meditation. I ‘found’ him a few years back, but I didn’t purchase this program. I’m going to get your mite report now.

  3. I thought you felt he was alright to view; no attachment mechanisms. I thought you felt he was sincerely teaching so that we could learn to connect. What do you mean by ‘gossipy’ or what did you think I meant? I only felt good about a choice, to feel Burt’s words were okay. Unlike how I felt about CMS.

  4. Burt doesn’t do attachment, he doesn’t connect to you in any way. His words are safe.

    By gossipy I mean talking like you talk to your girl friends, about stuff… Talking about stuff is always gossipy.

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