Choice is: selecting freely, AFTER consideration.

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Choice is: selecting freely, AFTER consideration.

Matsa asks: hmm, it’s puzzling – if you never choose X, didn’t you, in fact, chose Y?

My answer: are you referring to choosing sexual preference? Most people have the choice made for them, societally and biologically…

99.99% of people never actually choose consciously, instead allow something else to choose for them: how they feel, their urges, society, the other, etc.

The best example for choiceless choice is: choosing your mother… choosing your life to be the way your life is. It is weird for people. They resist how it is… but there is no other choice.

Choice is not what ordinary language, sloppy language considers choice or choosing. Choice is selecting i.e. saying yes to, freely, i.e. you say yes, not some force, obligation, have to, need to, should, AFTER consideration i.e. not automatically, but after looking to make a choice.

Automatic choice is what most people practice, or as a subset of it, not-freely choosing… ie. being forced into a decision.

Now, look at your life and look how much of it have you chosen? And how much of it are you willing to choose.

Most of it, if I am correct, you are at odds with, you resist, you’d rather not have chosen, you deny choosing, etc.

Which means something really weird: you are not standing on both feet, you are out of balance.

Resistance means you are not grounded, you have no power.
Denying, lying about: you have no power.

If you want to take your power back: you need to choose what is, specifically, after consideration, and freely.

Archimedes said: “Give me a fixed point and I will move the world.” What that says to me: if I can firmly plant both my feet, I am in power to change whatever I want to change.

The opposite is true: if you don’t firmly stand on both feet, squarely facing what is… you have no power.

It is more important to choose what you don’t like that choosing what you like. Getting stuck with what you don’t like, because you resist it, or deny it, or lie about it, is not fun.

choose-reality-or-not-ripped-apartExample: 35% of my readers have one type of microscopic mite or other. Choosing to have those mites allow you to fight them, along the lines we invented in the Biting Mites membership site… Resisting those mites will make it impossible… and some of those mites will drive you to distraction, sleepless, unable to have sex, or being incurably ill…

Would it be worth choosing the darn mites? Of course… but it is counter intuitive. “Intuition” which is really mind, says: if you resist it it will go away. So far it hasn’t… but “intuition” doesn’t change its tune.

You don’t have any choices as long as you resist. so choose.

Now, returning to the original question: did straight people choose to be straight? No, because 99.99% of people are never conscious of having a choice, when there is only one thing.

But unconsciously they chose. Unconsciously they chose what was. Unless they don’t like it… then they resist it. The 99.99%, that is.

I remember how hard it was for me to choose my life the way it was. It took me months, maybe years. Choosing the people in my life to be the way they were. Choosing myself to be the way I was. My situation to be the way it was. Know the things I knew, and not know the things I didn’t know. Feel the way I felt, and not feel the way I wanted to feel. Weight what I weighed, hurt where I hurt, look the way I looked.

quote-life-is-one-big-road-with-lots-of-signs-so-when-you-riding-through-the-ruts-don-t-complicate-bob-marley-250501But at some point I chose everything I had. And then, as if by magic, I had power.

Even today I have to give it a thought.

Even today I need to choose to be attacked by a witch every month. I need to choose my finances the way my finances are. I need to choose my leg to hurt. I need to choose to know the things I know and not know the things I don’t know. If and when I want some power… which is whenever I remember.

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